Your website has 5 seconds to connect with prospective clients. Can you do it?

Time-saving workbook...

Whether you’re putting together your first e-commerce website or updating your current site, it’s the words that help you connect with your tribe. And since you’ve got mere seconds to connect, having the right words is critical!

As business owners, our main worry is that we don’t have the right things on our website to convert visitors to customers. And that they’ll head off and connect with someone else instead!

You deserve a website that attracts more clients, regardless of where you are in your business.

Introducing Write Your Site -
for Services

This course will give you the confidence that your website is saying the right things so you can attract more clients for your service-based business.

Writing your website yourself can be hard. Not just finding the right words to set you apart from your competition but also learning how to put them together on your website to encourage visitors to engage with you.

This course shares proven techniques used to write websites for small business owners. And will show you how to build a conversation that guides your dream client through your website.

So they can engage with you and help you achieve your business (and life) goals.
write your site guides you:

Step-by-step, click-by-click, through every page of your website AND all the things you didn’t know you needed to think about when writing the words for your website.

• Get to know your dream client and what they want from you. So you can make sure you’re really connecting with them
• Set goals for your website to achieve, so you know it’s working hard for you
• Write the actual words that will go on your website

What you'll get inside...

How to work out your customer avatar - Online Course

Step by step video training

Learn how to implement the campaign, including common dos and don’ts, by our awesome Content Strategist Katrina Pace

Write Your Site - Services Workbook Image

Stunning fill-in-the-blanks workbook

The comprehensive (and beautiful) fill-in-the-blanks workbook will help you finish your website copy in no time


No need to stress over when you can/can’t complete. You’ll receive lifetime access and updates.

Meet your instructor - Katrina Pace

Hi, I’m Katrina

Many business owners find it hard to consistently connect with people who need their help. As a copywriter, I help you clearly communicate so your message can be heard. So you can attract more clients and get on with changing lives.

I help Entrepreneurs and Small Business Owners connect with their clients, convert them into raving fans and transform their lives.

We're not about content consumption
we're about action

These templates are designed to save you time, not add another thing to your already over-busy to-do list. Save time writing your website with this step-by-step guide!

Simple, fast and effective help

Here's what you'll get:

  • Step-by-step Video Training
  • Workbook and Templates
  • Lifetime Access
YOUR investmenT:

$197 NZD

*including GST

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How long will this course take?

This is a fill-in-the-blanks template course designed to save you hours staring at a screen wondering what the heck to write. 

You should be able to power through it quickly. The videos are all under 5 minutes, so you can watch them and complete each section in a matter of minutes.

Does it matter what type of business I have?

Yes - this version of Write Your Site is for Service-based businesses only. If you are a Products / E-commerce business you'll want to purchase this version here.

Will my website get better results?

Maybe. Or, maybe not. We can not guarantee individual results because there are so many factors at play to affect your success.
For example: 

  • It depends on the type of products you sell
  • How well you put into place what we suggest
  • How much traffic you drive to your website 
  • The pricing of your products etc.

But, we apply this system with all of our clients and know that their results improve following this method!

What is your refund policy?

As this is a low priced and immediately accessible template course, no refunds apply on this digital product.

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Grow your business more effortlessly by making sure your website is set up to SELL.


I'm Kat

The Helpful Academy is the resource I WISHED I had back when I started my business!

I’ve been in your shoes, and know how overwhelming it can be to learn all the different facets to running a business (while still mostly working IN the business)

Now over a decade later, it’s a joy to share all the shortcuts and cheats that I’ve learned with you during my time in business.

What makes me happiest about our Academy, are the transformations that I get to see happen every day inside our online school from our students, because we help them save time and earn more money.

I look forward to getting to know you and your business, and helping you grow your dream too!

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