Create a high-performing Wordpress website in a week
Yes. It can be done!

Overwhelmed at the thought of building your own website, but don’t have the budget to pay a professional?

Creating a Wordpress Website doesn’t have to be intimidating!

In this online course, we’ll hold your hand and guide you through creating a high-converting and visually-appealing website that can grow with your business as it grows

• How to use Wordpress
• How to create a strategic website
• What pages you need and where things should go
• How to get found by search engines (SEO)

And at the end of the week you’ll have your very own Wordpress Website to
show the world your business!

What you’ll get

How to Blog Using Wordpress Wix Square Space

Step By Step Video Training

Learn from Website Strategist Iona Elwood-Smith, and Head Academy Trainer Kat Soper

WP Website in a Week Workbooks

Comprehensive Workbooks

Comprehensive workbooks are provided with checklists, tips and links to all our favourite resources.

Themify Theme WP Website in a Week Course

Theme and Page Templates

You’ll get a copy of my favourite drag and drop theme: Themify Ultra. With editable page templates for all your main pages.

Lifetime Access Yellow

Lifetime Access

No need to stress about when you can or can’t start. You’ll have lifetime access to finish at your leisure.

What you’ll learn

The first modules are all about tech set-up, strategy, research, design, search engine optimisation and getting your website live!

How to use Wordpress Online Course

How to use Wordpress

We’ll take you through everything from where to find everything, how to set up your domain, hosting, theme, plugins, pages and brand your website with your beautiful brand.

How to create a strategic website

How to Create a Strategic Website

Finishing a website is one thing. But creating one that will convert visitors into leads and customers is quite another. Our templates are designed to help you grow your business.

What website pages do you need

What pages you need and where things should go

You’ll learn what pages are actually important for your business. Then our simple to install and edit templates will help you create that.


How to do SEO for your Wordpress website

How to get found online by search engines (SEO)

SEO doesn’t have to be complicated. Our Step-by-Step SEO guide will have you getting found online in no time.

Set Your Salary Pricing Course

BONUS: My website is live - now what?!

The key to a successful website is making sure that you have an ongoing marketing strategy. Our marketing checklist will help you sprinkle your site everywhere to drive ongoing visitors

BONUS: Blog Your Socks Off

BONUS: Blog Your Socks Off

To blog or not to blog? We’ll take all the mystery out of blogging, teach you why a well-designed blog is essential for attracting visitors, and help you plan your first blog posts.

Course Contents:

    • Welcome Video
    • Download the WP Website in a Week Checklist
    • Download the Strategy and Research Workbook
    • Organising Your Strategy (and why you need to)
    • Research
    • The Customer Journey
    • Links to Everything – Host, Theme and Templates
    • Setting Up Your Website
    • Key Takeaways and Notes
    • Setting up your hosting with Siteground, installing Wordpress and updating your MX (Email) Records
    • Updating Your Name Servers and Installing Your SSL Certificate
    • Next Steps to Take
    • Installing Your Theme
    • Setting up Maintenance Mode
    • Setting up your Site Logo and Favicon
    • An Overview of Plugins

Past Student Love 💗

Layne Burgess Lead Magnets Made Easy
Mandy - blog your socks off magnetic marketings
Ailsa - Social Marketing Sorted
Kelly - Google Drive Testimonial

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Yes – you’ll need to have your own domain name and hosting. These will need to be purchased separately by third party providers.

    However, inside the course, we’ll share who we recommend, and give instructions on how to set them up.

    We recommend budgeting an extra $150 NZD to purchase your domain and hosting.

  • That largely depends on how long it takes you to take action and follow the steps. The videos themselves won’t take you longer than a day, but, you’ll need implementation time.

    We suggest completing the work as you go rather than watching all the videos first.
    It’s best to watch a video then complete that step before moving on to the next video.

  • If you do not find that this course suits your needs, email us within 7 days and we’ll provide a no questions asked refund.

Meet Your Instructors

Iona Elwood Smith Polaroid Version

Iona Elwood Smith – Grow My Business

Hi, I’m Iona Elwood-Smith and love all things to do with websites. As a person who can’t work her phone my family find this hilarious.

My background is in strategy and business development and I fundamentally believe everyone should be online for their business to grow, which is why I created Grow My Business

Grow my Business is a strategic web solutions company that build awesome websites (over 130 and counting!) for small businesses focused on – you guessed it – growing their business!

I am thrilled by this fabulous opportunity to work with Kat and The Helpful Academy combining my strategic website building skills with her (business acumen) to create an affordable, accessible course for anyone to build an amazing website – easily!

Kat Soper Founder of The Helpful Academy

Kat Soper – Founder of The Helpful Academy

Hey, I’m Kat

As a business strategist, I’m not interested in helping you just create a “pretty” website. My main priority is helping you create a website which will attract your ideal customer, and inspire them to take the action(s) you want them to take.
I see your website as part of your overall marketing machine. It plays such an important part in your business, which is why it’s worth getting right.
I’ve worked with Iona for several years, and there’s noone I’d rather have worked with to bring you this awesome course.
More than getting you online, this course is about giving your business the best possible start.