Create a website that you’re proud of
(AND actually works for you!)

with our 6 Week Live Website Success Club…

The Website Success Club starts on 1 March 2021.

We only plan to run this once in 2021…

It’s frustrating when you’ve poured your heart, soul and hard earned cash into your website, only to have it sit there lonely in the corner…

Your website is your prime business real estate and one of the biggest business assets you own.
But what the hell do you do, if you’ve poured resources into building a website and no one’s visiting.
Or worse, they’re visiting but they’re not B U Y I N G anything 😭?!

If that applies to you, it’s time to:

• Get clear in what you want/need your website to do for you
• Measure your numbers and work out where it’s broken
• Refine your website’s customer pathway
• Sit back, breath a sigh of relief, and enjoy the increased leads and sales 

This live workshop is all about helping you achieve all that, and start geting R E S U L T S from your website!

What you get with The Website Success Club

How to Blog Using Wordpress Wix Square Space

6 Weeks of Live (over Zoom) Website Coaching

You, us, a cuppa, and a cool crew of other motivated other business owners together once a week and working on your website! 
Get coached by Website Strategist Iona Elwood-Smith and Business Strategist (and Founder) Kat Soper.

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Online Course
Content Included

Website Success Club includes your choice of our fantastic step-by-step website courses! 
Choose either the ‘Pimp My Website’ course (best for Service-Based businesses) or our brand new ‘Set Up Shop’ (best for Ecommerce businesses).

Lifetime Course Access Alarm Clock

Lifetime Access to the Courses & Recordings

Something come up and you couldn’t attend live? Or maybe you didn’t quite finished what you started during the 6 week period? No worries – you’ll enjoy lifetime access to the course material and the recorded coaching sessions.

What we’ll cover over the 6 weeks


Week 1: Your Desired Result 

A website is so much more than a pretty front window. In week 1 we’ll teach you how to design it to get the results you desire.


Week 2:
Quick Wins

In week 2, Iona will take you through some best practices and quick wins, so you can see some immediate improvements.


Week 3: Copywriting

In week 3 we welcome guest copywriting expert Katrina Pace to help you create copy that attracts and converts your clients.


Week 4: SEO (getting found)

Building a high-converting website is one thing, but getting found by search engines is another. In week 4 Iona takes the ‘scary’ out of SEO.


Week 5: Collecting Leads

Now that you’ve set your website up for success, it’s time to talk collecting leads. So that you can carry on the conversation with your prospects.

Circle Numbers

Week 6: Marketing

Wahooo, by this stage you should have a beautiful and optimised website. Now it’s time to talk traffic-generation strategies.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Yes, absolutely! The call recordings will be uploaded within 24 hours of the call time so you can catch up before the next call. 

    You’ll receive lifetime access to the call recordings.

  • The calls will be at 9.30am – 10.30am NZ standard time on Tuesday mornings.

    If you are unable to make the call, you can ask your questions ahead of time and watch the recording. Or, ask in the Facebook group and we’ll answer you there.

  • The Website Success Club members Facebook group will be open for 8 weeks. One week prior to starting, the 6 weeks of the program, and one week prior to finishing.

  • If you are a service-based business then we recommend signing up to the Service based option which comes with Pimp My Website.
    Sign up to this option even if you also sell some products or courses, as the ‘Set Up Shop’ course is designed for e-commerce businesses.

    If you are an e-commerce business we recommend signing up to the e-commerce version, as this is tailored specifically to online stores.

  • No. If you’re still in the setting up phase of your website, Pimp My Website will be extremely helpful for ensuring you set up a high-converting and successful website.

  • Yes, absolutely. If you own a copy of Pimp My Website, WP Website in a Week, or Set up Shop already, we invite you to join at the discounted price of $167. You’ll see this available to you on the cart page when you click through to join.

    Please do not select this discounted option if you do not already have a copy of the online courses, as it will not provide you with the material you need for our 6 weeks together.

  • Our standard 7 day refund policy applies to The Website Success Club if you change your mind, or decide it’s not what you’re looking for.

Love for The Helpful Academy 💗

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Meet Your Instructors

Kat Soper Founder of The Helpful Academy

Kat Soper – Founder of The Helpful Academy

Hey, I’m Kat 👋🏻

As a business strategist, I’m not interested in helping you just create a “pretty” business plan which will sit in your drawer collecting dust.

My priority is helping you create a fast, easy to action, and agile plan to help you focus and achieve success.

I can’t wait to help you create your 90 day plan!

Iona Elwood Smith Polaroid Version

Iona Elwood Smith – Grow My Business

Hi, I’m Iona Elwood-Smith and love all things to do with websites. As a person who can’t work her phone my family find this hilarious.

My background is in strategy and business development and I fundamentally believe everyone should be online for their business to grow, which is why I created Grow My Business.

Grow my Business is a strategic web solutions company that build awesome websites (over 130 and counting!) for small businesses focused on – you guessed it – growing their business!

Katrina Pace Polaroid Version

Katrina Pace – Words for Wellness

Hi, I’m Katrina
Many business owners find it hard to consistently connect with people who need their help. As a copywriter, I help you clearly communicate so your message can be heard. So you can attract more clients and get on with changing lives. 
I help Entrepreneurs and Small Business Owners connect with their clients, convert them into raving fans and transform their lives.