Your website should be one of your most valuable business assets!

But, for many businesses that’s not the case. Learn how to change that with our step-by-step website strategy courses….

We know it can be overwhelming to know where to start when trying to build or improve your website, so we’ve made it easy for you by laying our our recommended steps:

STEP 1 – Decide who you’re appealing to

Your website is not about you. Your website is about your target customers or clients. What do THEY want to know before making a purchase with you? Do this most important strategic planning first, to avoid potential heart-break when it doesn’t get you the results you desire. We’ll walk you through this step in ‘Pimp My Website’

STEP 2 – Build a website that fills the above need

From your colours, to your fonts, to your images, to your pages, to your page flow, to your calls to action – ALL of this *stuff* should be designed to solve the problems your target customers have (that you uncovered in step 1 😉)
‘Pimp My Website’ will also help you plan and design everything you need here.

STEP 3 – Make sure you can get found by search engines

Search Engine Optimisation is one of those things that tends to terrify people. But, the fundamentals can be done step-by-step just like following a recipe. It’s not something you should neglect and getting this done right will set you apart from the competition (because you’ll get more traffic from Google!) 
Learn and apply the 10 steps with ‘Step by Step SEO(also included inside Pimp My Website!)

STEP 4 – Add layers

Once you’ve laid your foundation, you’ll be wanting to use your website to start collecting email leads (which we’ll show you how to do in ‘Lead Magnets Made Easy‘).

Then, creating a blog which is designed to attract more traffic from search engines, as well as educating and converting more customers (which we’ll show you how to do in ‘Blog Your Socks Off’) is a great addition.

You might also want to think about adding videos – because Google LOVES videos! Learn how to use videos in ‘Nail Your Video Marketing Strategy‘.

All Our Website Courses:

Pimp My Website

So, your website is sitting there not converting customers (or maybe you don’t even have a website!) Let’s change that with these simple to action improvements.

NZD $297

Lead Magnets Made Easy

Turn your likes and website visitors into leads, and nurture those leads into customers. On Autopilot.

NZD $297

WP Website in a Week

Create your own high-converting and visually appealing website that can grow your business as it grows.

NZD $397

Step-by-Step SEO

Learn SEO in 10 easy-to-follow steps so your website can get found by more of your ideal customers.

NZD $147

Blog Your Socks Off

Grow your business with blogs. Learn how to plan and write blogs to get more customers.

NZD $147

Set Up Shop

How to you set up a new e-commerce website, making sure you optimise it for sales and ensure it gets found online? Here’s how…


Still unsure where to start?