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Learn Your Entrepreneurial Profile:

Ever wondered why some tasks just feel extra hard for you, while others just flow?

That’s because we each have a unique Entrepreneurial profile.

This Masterclass isn’t just about learning the ‘theory’ of the 8 profiles.
As part of your purchase, you’ll also receive a token to learn your own Entrepreneurial Profile using the world’s leading profile tool for Entrepreneurs: The Wealth Dynamics Test 

RRP $197 NZD | $127 USD

Who’s this Masterclass for?

  • Business owners and entrepreneurs who want to learn how to they best will work in flow

  • Those wanting to learn how to grow a high-performing team, which complements their own skill-set
  • People wanting to leverage their time and energy to achieve more, with less stress

What you’ll learn:

  • What your profile is
  • What tasks you should ideally stick to, and which you should delegate
  • What are all 8 profile types
  • What team members will perfectly complement you
  • How to communicate with the other profile types


What you’ll get with your purchase

A 60-minute video training session, with lifetime access

The Helpful Academy Online Training for Entrepreneurs

A token to take learn which of the 8 Entrepreneur profiles you are

Wealth Dynamics Profile New Zealand

A 35-page Profile Report 

Learn Your Entrepreneurial Profile (5)

RRP $197 NZD | $127 USD

How learning this changed my business

The first time I learned about The Wealth Dynamics Test was in June 2017 when I client invited me to an event with her.

Learning my own profile was a GAME CHANGER for me, not only in my business but in life in general.

By applying what I learnt to my business, I was able to completely restructure my business to suit my own talents best. This has allowed me to achieve more with less stress, be happier in my work, and hire the right team to support me.

Because I know first hand how useful it is to know your Entrepreneurial profile, I now make all my clients take this test prior to working with them on their Business Strategy. Many of them have chosen to go on and profile their entire team because it has made such a massive difference.


Praise for Kat and The Helpful Academy

Shannon Conaglen
Sarah from Kapiti Chocolate Factory

RRP $197 NZD | $127 USD


Who’s the host?

Kat Bali 2

That’d be me; Hi, I’m Kat,

Founder of The Helpful Brand, The Helpful Academy and Creator of The BOSS Test. I get up every day to help entrepreneurs such as yourself, achieve your goals and extraordinary results in your businesses, by helping them implement sustainable Systems for Success.

I’ve worked with Entrepreneurs from all different kinds of industries and trained with some of the best Global Leaders of our time. This Masterclass is a collation of all my favourite Trello templates that I use within my own business, and with my clients.

I can’t wait to help you learn your Entrepreneurial Profile.

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