To Blog or Not to Blog?

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To Blog or not to Blog_ The Helpful Academy


Wondering if Blogging is Worth it for Your Business?
This will help you decide…

So, you’ve heard that blogging could be a good thing for your business. But, that sounds like just another thing to clutter up your endless to-do list, am I right?

I get it.
This is a problem many small business owners face, including me!

In this blog, I’ll answer some frequently asked questions about blogging, as well as share my opinion and experience as a blogger to help you decide for yourself and your business…

My Experience with Blogging (for context)

One thing you may not know about me is that my very first online business was a blog. 

I never set out to create a business. It just happened.
One day I was a bored and lonely stay at home Mum with time on my hands while my kids napped. The next I was a “niche famous” blogger, with a reasonable following (around 25,000 hits a month, so not huge, but also not small) and a growing business writing online patterns and consulting to other bloggers.

Google started to like me and send a lot of traffic my way.
Pinterest started to like me and send a lot of traffic my way.

Kat Soper Blog The Helpful Academy

Oh how I under-appreciated it all at the time…

That was back in 2011.
I have not blogged consistently on that same blog since I started working full time and switched focuses in 2015. Traffic has dropped off since I was releasing new content regularly, but, I still get a constant flow of traffic.

And I still organically (that means without any marketing) sell patterns that I created back in 2013!

So, I have some experience when it comes to both the short term and long term effects of blogging.

Now that we’ve got that out of the way, let’s talk about whether blogging is a good idea for YOU…

Frequently Asked Blogging Questions:

Blogging made easy : A how to guide to blog

What is a blog?

A blog is a section on your website where you share articles, tools, tips, frequently asked questions and anything expertise related that will be helpful for your prospective customers.

Why is a blog useful to have?

A blog is useful for many reasons. Here are what I consider to be the main reasons:

  • A blog helps you connect with your audience and build trust with them
  • A blog can help you educate people in why your company is great to work with by establishing yourself as an expert in your niche
  • Blogs can help you explain your values and how you can help people.
  • Blogs help you get found online and boost your search engine ranking. I could write an entire post on this alone (and in fact have – you can read more about why your business needs SEO here)
    – but just know that they are the best organic way to get a steady stream of visitors to your website.

What content should you share on your blog?

A good rule of thumb when planning your blog content is to think about what your target customers will find useful from you.

  • What questions do they ask?
  • What would they search for in Google?
  • What barriers or objections do they have about making a decision to work with you?

How often should you post new content on your blog?

Haha this is a bit like asking “how long is a piece of string”. My answer here is that consistency is key – it’s best to post once a month consistently than to try to do a post a week, burn out, and give up…

If you can blog to a schedule that’s even better.

What results should you aim to get from your blog?

If you start a blog, you need to think of it as another marketing channel. Just like for all of your marketing channels, you should have a goal result that you want to achieve from blogging. That will vary slightly depending on your business objectives, but in general some common goals are:

  • To increase visitors to your website
  • To increase brand awareness
  • To increase conversions
  • To create more sales

A well designed and strategic blog will have goals for each of those things.

What results can you expect from blogging?

Well, now this is where it gets a bit more exciting, and why I get excited about blogging. Because I know first hand the difference a blog can make to your website.

If you look at any website with a blog, I bet you’ll find that it’s most popular pages are all blog posts.

This is because Google loves to help match people with helpful content – so if you can produce helpful content, Google can become your friend.

Once Google is your friend, you can expect hundreds, or thousands, if not even MILLIONS of free website visitors to your website each month.

What difference would THAT make to your business hey?

Is it worthwhile for ALL businesses?

Vague, I know. But that’s not a yes/no questions.

If you feel like your business is special, and that a blog wouldn’t work for you, ask yourself:

  • Do my audience use Google?
  • Can I help them by providing solutions to their questions?

If the answer is yes to those questions, then you have bloggers potential…

Wanna see some case studies of real-life blogs in action?

In this video, I show you a behind-the-scenes look into both of my blogs (my historical one, and this one here) as well as how to use the tool Uber Suggest by Neil Patel to help you see the data for any website (blog) on the web:

Pretty neat hey?

As we can see from the video, a blog is a very good way to consistently drive new visitors to your website and for them to get to know your business.

What are the pitfalls of creating a blog?

The main pitfall I see people make is that they spend time on blogging without creating a solid strategy first.

When you’re not strategic in your approach, the results can be hit and miss. You may end up wasting a bunch of time and not having any results for your efforts.

The second pitfall I see people make is that they forget to create ways to convert the traffic into leads, and they don’t optimise the rest of their website to get results.

It’s ESSENTIAL to ensure your website is optimised for conversions.
Otherwise you end up with a hole in your marketing bucket and your blog still won’t be doing you much good.

You can find out more about how to set your website up for success in this article, and how to turn visitors into leads in this article.

Ready to take your website to a whole new traffic-generating level?

We’ve two online programs to help you with that…

Create a traffic-attracting, business-generating website with our step-by-step online programs:

How to create a Blog - Online Course

Set up a strategic blog to become a traffic and lead generating business asset, regardless of which website platform you use, with ‘Blog Your Socks Off’

Online Website Improvement Course

Ensure the rest of your website is set up for conversion success with our affordable online program; ‘Pimp my Website’ 

What can you do if it all feels too hard?

Outsource, outsource, outsource!

If you are convinced you need a blog, but don’t have time or desire to do it yourself, the outsourcing is a fantastic way forward.

Ways to get help include:

  • Hiring a virtual assistant
  • Hiring a copywriter
  • Getting both a virtual assistant AND a copywriter

Hope that helps.

Kat Soper - The Helpful Academy

About the author:

Kat Soper is the Founder and Head Trainer of The Helpful Academy Online Business School.

Kat is passionate about helping start-ups and small businesses succeed and achieve their business goals so that they can achieve the lifestyle they desire (and deserve).

If you’d like individualised help with growing your business, check out our services.


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