You don’t need more information, you need more action and support!

Welcome to The Helpful Club - home of your helpful new biz bestie bunch.

Sound familiar?

  • You’ve got a pile of unfinished courses in your back pocket, and you feel frustrated about the money you’ve spent on them, to just still be struggling with the same.old.issues.
  • You feel stuck and you want someone to help, but a coach isn't necessarily in the budget...
  • You crave accountability and support - people to walk through this crazy biz journey with.


I'm Kat,

And I’ve been frustrated too…

In the last 2 years, I started to get frustrated about marketing and selling the 35+ courses we’d spent the last 5 years creating, when I knew that statistically the majority of people wouldn’t ever finish them.

  • Yes, the people who finished them loved them!
  • Yes, we can “boast” that we have over 1000 happy students!
  • Yes, we experienced a 75% repeat customer rate!

But, that doesn’t change the fact that statistically most people struggle with the accountability to finish their courses,

and so I’d continue to see them struggle with the exact same problems next month!
(Only a few bucks poorer for it.)

It doesn’t feel good to take people’s money when I know they aren’t getting a return on investment for it!

But I also wanted to continue to keep my courses and templates affordable, so that money was never the barrier to people getting the help they needed.

Which means that there was no money to offer free ongoing support with my pricing structure.

So I’ve been sitting back, frustrated but stuck about what to do about it. 
And the sad thing about it was that it stopped me from marketing our awesome helpful content.

Enter The Helpful Club…

The perfect accompaniment to your back pocket full of dusty courses:

  • Your affordable way to get support
  • My way of actually helping you to take the ACTION you need to take to get things done

Whether you own...

Courses from The Helpful Academy
Courses you’ve bought elsewhere
OR, you know what to do but you just aren't taking action...

It doesn't matter!!!

The Helpful Club is YOUR space to put into action the resources you already have at your fingertips so that you can get s#%t done!

What The Helpful Club is:

  • Your commitment -
    to yourself that you're going to finish something.
  • Your accountability -
    to help you make it to your destination.
  • Your community -
    of biz besties so you don't have to feel alone on the journey.

What it isn’t:

  • Another source of overwhelm -
    There’s no big back catalog of information you don’t need! Simply put into action what you already have.
  • A big scary financial investment -
    Join the club for only the price of a few coffees a week.
  • A long term contract -
    have peace of mind that you’ll never be “locked into” paying for something you’re not using.

The benefits you’ll enjoy in The Club:

90-minute Helpful Doing Sessions

Without “doing” anything, goals are just dreams.
So, the doing sessions are available weekly, giving you space you need to put your goals into action to make them happen.
Come to as little or as much of each 90 minute session as you find helpful. 

Market your business for free

Since the majority of small business owners I work with struggle to gain enough affordable visibility, once a week, on #offerday, you’ll get to share your current offer with the community.
Reach new customers, or create collaboration partnerships.
Either way - take action once a week to get more visible.

One Helpful Class per month

Each month I’ll host a live training on an essential business topic. If it’s a topic you need, then come learn learn together live. Then use the next “doing session” to implement the system I teach.
If it’s a topic you don’t need, skip it this time.

The Helpful Community

This is the foundation of The Helpful Club. Welcome to your new community of biz besties. Because no one can thrive doing this journey alone!
Ask questions of The Club any time from me and your other helpful biz besties, so you can get unstuck and keep moving forward towards your goals. 

That’s it...

This offer is intentionally simple, because that’s all most small business owners are missing.

So that's why there's:

  • No abundance of bonuses that you’ll never use!

  • No additional information to only add to your overwhelm!
Kat Soper Nailed It

The Helpful Club is currently closed for new members.

Join the waitlist to be notified when the club has reopened...

Frequently Asked Questions:

When will the DOING calls be?

All calls will be during NZ school hours of 9am - 3pm

Currently The Doing Calls are available from 1-2.30pm on Mondays NZST.

The monthly training call times vary and are usually on Tuesdays at either 9am NZST or 1pm NZST.

Convert calls to your timezone here.

How will the calls take place?

They’ll be via zoom so that you can join from anywhere.

How will the doing sessions work?

We will spend the first 10 minutes chatting and setting your intentions. Then we’ll spend the next 70 minutes co-working in silence, with a coach active on the chat to answer any questions privately.
Then we will connect again at the end to celebrate what you achieved.

Will there be recordings of the doing sessions available?

Nope. You’ve got better things to do with your time than watching a co-working session recording! Just take action instead and ask questions in the community if you get stuck.

How will the monthly helpful classes work?

Each month I’ll share a training from my huge catalog of resources, based on what’s in most demand from the community.
These will range from 30-60 minutes in length. They will be either available at a specified time and run live. Or, available on demand for the duration of the month.

Will there be recordings of past monthly helpful classes?

I do not plan to include a library of free recordings as part of your membership.
This isn’t to be stingy!
It’s super intentional to reduce your overwhelm when starting, and to get you to take regular action.

Not to mention, keep the cost of the membership really minimal.

I’ve found over time that it actually doesn’t help anyone to have a huge back catalog of free training to overwhelm them when they come in to a new membership!

So, instead of creating a free library of past recordings, we will make past recordings available for you to purchase for a tiny additional fee, or refer you towards buying a course. This reduces overwhelm and helps you take the action you need, WHEN you need it.

How will the community work?

There will be an #intentions setting post on a Monday for you to publicly declare your goals for the week. And a #checkin post on Fridays for us to celebrate what you achieved.

Ask questions in the community anytime.

My team will be available to answer your questions during the hours of 9am to 7pm NZST Monday to Friday.
I will be check into the group regularly during the hours of 9-3pm NZST Monday to Thursdays.

Your other helpful biz besties will jump in and answer your questions when they’re available.

You’ll answer people’s questions when you’re able to (in my experience the more you give to a community, the more you get from it.)

How will the visibility offer work?

Once a week, on a Tuesday, you’ll get to share a post about your business in the community. This will give you the ability to get seen by new customers, or create new partnerships.
The rest of the week the group will be a no link group. So that we can keep it focused on action taking.

What is your refund policy?

I’ve intentionally kept this offer so low that it’s a no brainer to trial. So there are no refunds available. Just try it out and if you find you’re not getting value, you can easily cancel at anytime.

Are there any fixed contracts or minimum payments required?

Nope, that’s the beauty of this Helpful offer - cancel after your first payment if you want to. And enjoy the benefits on offer until your next payment would have been due.


Join over 1000 other small business owners who love working with The Helpful Academy…

It’s time to breathe out and know that you’ve now got the space and support you need to get things done,

with a payment plan that’s a no brainer to afford.

It’s time to join The Helpful Club…