Why Systems are the Secret Sauce your Business needs in order to THRIVE…

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WHY Systems are the Secret Sauce that your Business needs

Why Systems are the Secret Sauce Your Business Needs

As a Systems Strategist, it’s not uncommon for me to get asked: “Why Systems?”
I love this question. There are a whole lot of great reasons and I could talk about ways to help businesses operate efficiently all day.

Here are my favourite reasons your biz needs systems

Systems increase productivity and efficiency!

Systems make sure that

  • The team is on top of where they are on a project
  • What order tasks need to be done
  • Ensure that nothing in the process is missed.

Let’s look at two case studies to illustrate this point:

Meet Jessica. Jessica is a busy entrepreneur who does services for clients. Her business has really taken off and she is buuuusy. Because her growth has been fast, Jessica didn’t really put systems in place to help her manage the day to day tasks of the business. Everything in the process is stored in Jessica’s head.

Jessica has started waking up at night thinking “ohMgee I forgot to do that.” Or “eeeek have I done that…” She is starting to feel very stressed and balls are being dropped at times. Jessica has no way of knowing at any one time where her team are at with their tasks, and for sure, if something has/hasn’t been done.


Meet Lucy. Lucy is also a busy entrepreneur who does services for clients. Lucy has a simple (free) task management in place to help her manage all of her workflows. All Lucy’s processes in the business are structured and systemised so that when a new client comes on board, or when a new project is created, Lucy and the team can follow a checklist to make sure all of the jobs are done in order.

Anyone in the team can see what has/hasn’t been done at any one time, and they can communicate about these on the checklist itself. Lucy feels calm and confident that the process is being followed. She has a system.

I’m pretty sure most business owners and entrepreneurs could relate to Jessica at some point in their careers. It’s stressful and unscalable. A team operating under stress is not able to operate at their best.

Systems reduce dependency on you or other key people!

Yup, if you have your workflows mapped out, and use smart systems inside your biz, then you can train anyone to do your job. Boom, now you are freed up to be the leader of the business, not the be-all-and-do-all of the business. #truestory

Systems can help generate high-quality leads and create sales!

A well-designed marketing system can capture and nurture leads for you.

Let’s look at two examples again:

Lucy has designed a great system for generating warm leads. She writes a great blog post on her area of expertise, and at the end encourages people to give her their email to download a cool bonus. Lucy then has designed a series of emails that will give these people value, and help them identify her as an expert in her niche.

As they grow to know her, she can offer them a product that will help them solve their problem. Because her marketing system has helped them learn to know, like and trust Lucy, she gets a really great conversion rate from her emails and the sales are rolling in.

Jessica has also written some really great blogs. She is getting some great traffic and exposure from them, but she has not designed a system around turning these leads into customers. Jessica does have a “sign up for my newsletter” function. And she does send emails occasionally. But, not really. Leads tend to go cold and drop off next time she sends the email. It’s not a complete system.

Systems allow you to scale your business and make more money!

How many activities in your business are you doing, that take your time, that an app or system could do so much more efficiently? There are SO many examples of this across a business. I come across many people that record all their time and invoice manually. Putting in a time tracker and automated invoicing system can be super quick and inexpensive, and free up so much time.

Systems allow you to treat EVERY customer as a VIP!

By putting systems across your business that are customer focussed, you can make sure you nurture your clients throughout every process. Happy happy clients make for lots of great reviews, and lots of referral business. We definitely like happy clients.

‘So, how do I ensure I have great systems?’ I hear you ask

Great question. I like you already.

The very first step is to understand what makes a SMART System (scalable, measurable, affordable, realistic and teachable). You can read all about SMART Systems here.

The second step is to get a measure of where you are at with your systems in your business. Highly valuable step and one that we recommend all businesses do at regular intervals (because your system needs will change as you grow).

There are two ways to do this

  1. We offer comprehensive In-Flight Audit™. A BWOF will give you a birds eye, colour coded view of which level your business systems are at in 30 key areas. Super valuable at helping you work out which areas to prioritise.
  2. If you are not quite ready for a full service, download our free guide; 5 Steps to Creating SMART Business Systems. This will give you a 5 Step System (geddit 😉 😉 ) to testing whether you have systems in the 8 Fundamental areas on them.

Happy Systemising!


Kat Soper - The Helpful Academy

About the author:

Kat Soper is the Founder and Head Trainer of The Helpful Academy Online Business School.

Kat is passionate about helping start-ups and small businesses succeed and achieve their business goals so that they can achieve the lifestyle they desire (and deserve).

If you’d like individualised help with growing your business, check out our services.


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