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Kat Soper is profitability and sales expert. She helps small businesses improve their profitability to more effortlessly scale their businesses using proven step-by-step Frameworks and Systems.

About Kat

Kat Soper is a small-business strategist who helps entrepreneurs understand and feel confident about the key metrics for their companies, leading them to profitability and away from burnout.

She helps her clients go from confused about why their bank accounts don’t reflect their hard work to being in control of their business’s future.

Kat teaches “magic metrics” and easy systems to profitability through more than 40 affordable courses and her signature 6-step In-Flight Framework®. She’s helped more than 1,000 clients feel confident in growing their businesses and increasing profits more effortlessly for the long haul.

Kat lives in Wellington, New Zealand, with her husband and two daughters.


Improve your profitability in 30 days

With so many moving parts affecting a businesses profitability, it can get overwhelming quickly. Kat's 5 Step Profit Formula helps simplify this, enabling businesses to improve their profits very quickly.

The Art of Selling Without 'Selling'

All businesses have a customer pathway by default. But, not many know how to unlock its profit potential by turning it into a Sell Without Selling System. When this shift is made, magic can happen and many businesses can boost their sales within 30 days.

Productise Your Expertise

Many people are experts in their field, and have successful in-person training businesses. But, how do you turn that knowledge into a high-quality online product, course or membership? Kat shares her story of creating 40+ courses, and serving over 1,000 business owners.



Kat firmly believes that quality education should be accessible to all, not a privilege. She lives these values by contributing a percentage of all revenue to fund education for the underprivileged.

Kat also supports Fuel the Need, a local charity providing lunches for primary school children, so that they can concentrate on learning over being hungry.


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