What are SMART Business Systems?


What are SMART Systems? - and how to level-up your Business using them.

What do we mean when we say SMART business systems?

When we refer to SMART business systems, we are talking about planning systems strategically. They need to be scalable, measurable, affordable, realistic and teachable.


Why do we recommend SMART business systems?

At The Helpful Academy, everything we do is designed around achieving top business performance. For the majority of businesses, this means a business that is growing. SMART business systems are designed to save you time, money and help you level-up your business. They should help your business operate at maximum efficiency and profitability, with the least input from the Business Owner or Manager possible. However, that doesn’t mean they aren’t a big investment!


System investment

Implementing business systems can initially be expensive. Not necessarily in dollars, but the initial investment in research time and implementation is significant.

That means the cost needs to pay off right?

If a system is not well-considered in the beginning, it can turn into an exercise in money drainage. We hate to see our clients suffer from money waste! We encourage to consider whether a system is scalable, measurable, affordable, realistic and teachable from the beginning. Then it makes choosing the correct systems for the individual business easier and more productive.

Let’s look at the definitions:



Scalable business systems are suitable for the next phase of growth & beyond. The system should make it easier for the business to scale up, not hinder it.



Measurable means that results must be able to be measured. If we can’t measure progress, it’s difficult to refine and improve. We prefer using systems that make it easy to track progress and see parts of the business that need improvement.



When we consider whether a business system is affordable, we mean the price tag needs to be appropriate/achievable for the size of the business. Using the latest and greatest tools out there can be great. But, not if they are too expensive for the business to sustain before they see a return.



How quickly can you put the system in place? A realistic time frame is critical. A realistic business system is one that will not put other parts of the business (like the business owner)  under stress for longer than is required.



Have you ever put a fancy system in place that was too hard to use and ended up being ignored? Old habits die hard and people don’t usually like change. Which is why it’s imperative to consider how likely a system is to be utilised by the users before putting it in place. Asking the team for feedback and getting their buy in is an essential part of considering a system.


The Business Fundamentals Framework

We hope you have enjoyed this installment of our Business Fundamentals Framework series. Read the first post on the 8 Business Fundamentals here and the third post 5 Levels of Business here.

The Business Fundamentals Framework forms the basis of our training catalog here at The Helpful Academy.
Our training is about being strategic and making the best use of all time, money and resources.
The focus is on maximum efficiency & profitability.



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