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STAGE 2: Sales and Marketing Courses

Plan Your Profitable Pathway

This is where it all begins – learn how to design a profitable Customer Pathway and how to scale it to achieve your goals. This course includes ‘Know Your Numbers’

NZD $497

Create Magnetic Marketing

Create a marketing plan that works. Discover your main marketing channels. Attract new customers to your business.


Promote Like a BOSS

Need a cash injection? This course will help you create a plan to specifically drive more sales and profit.

NZD $297

Social Marketing Sorted

The complete system to grow your business with confidence on social media.

NZD $297

Master Email Marketing

Email marketing is the best way to grow profits. Get your emails working for you with this step-by-step guide.

NZD $297

Mailerlite Made Easy

Ready to set up email marketing? Mailerlite is our recommended tool of choice. Here’s how to nail it.
(Please note this is included inside Master Email Marketing)

NZD $47

Lead Magnets Made Easy

Turn your likes and website visitors into leads, and nurture those leads into customers. On Autopilot.

NZD $297

Welcome and Sell

What happens after someone signs up for your lead magnet? Welcome them and show them the value of your email services with these fill-in-the-blank email templates.

NZD $47

Welcome Like a Pro

Yay, you got a new sign up to your newsletter. But maybe you’re not ready to sell – just yet. Use this sequence to make sure they feel welcomed and ready to go.

NZD $37

Sell Like a Pro

Use this fill-in-the-blanks email sequence in your marketing calendar to promote your services and products to an engaged audience.

NZD $37

Retarget Abandon Carts

Lots of abandoned carts in your shop? Nurture them through to purchase with this simple but effective retargeting sequence.

NZD $37

Re-Engage Your List

So, you’ve got an email list but you don’t send anything. Or, maybe your open rate is low. Here’s a 4-email campaign to get them re-engaged.

NZD $17

Nurture Like a Pro (Products)

Yay, someone made a purchase! Now they might be interested in another. Nurture the relationship with this email sequence.

NZD $27

Nurture Like a Pro (Services)

Yay, someone booked you for a free session. But how do you follow them up and turn them into a paying client? This email series will help!

NZD $27

Social Proof Like a Pro

Testimonials and reviews are essential and having them helps you sell more. Use this email sequence to ask your clients and customers for reviews.

NZD $17

Nail Your Video Marketing

You know that you need to product video content to help you educate and attract new customers – but what content should you share? Here’s how to create your strategy in less than an hour!

NZD $67