Need more cash in the bank?
Promote like a boss to create more sales

Creating and implementing a Promotion Plan is the number one way to improve revenue and profit in your business.

But, how do you run a successful promotion from start to finish without feeling sleazy?

Introducing Promote Like a Boss

i’LL SHOW YOU how to: 

• Choose the right promotion plan for you
• Learn how to set up a promotion plan
• Use our fill-in-the-blanks promotion plan
• Learn how to put your promotion plan into action

Take control of your sales process and get a promotion plan that drives more sales.

What you'll get inside...

Kat Soper Head Trainer The Helpful Academy

Step by step video training

Presented by Head Instructor, Kat Soper. Each module is broken down into short, easy to digest and action videos

Fillable templates and checklists

Fill in the blanks to create your Promotion Plan within minutes.


Finish at your leisure and come back anytime to retake the health check and track your progress.

Meet your instructor - Kat Soper

Hi, I’m Kat

As a small business owner myself, I have experienced first hand the overwhelm and uncertainty when it comes to working out where your next dollar is coming from.

A Promotion Plan is the key to making that easier for you! When I first learned this process back in 2018 it was transformation. That's not to say my first plan was a success. No siree - my first plan failed miserably. But, I tweaked, adapted and persevered. 

Fast forward a few years and I've used this planning method to make my 90 day revenue goal in the first 10 days. And used it with dozens of clients to help them anywhere from 2x to 10x their revenue.
Now, this promotion planning method is so successful that it's the bread and butter of what I do in my coaching practice.

I am SO excited to help you improve your sales using this method too!

Course Content

Here's what you'll learn...

Course Duration

What is a Promotion Plan and why it’s important to have one?

What it affects if you do/don’t have one?

What’s the difference between A single promotion and a ‘Promotion PLAN’?

The 3 main types of Promotions and what type to pick for the stage of business you’re at now

What does a great plan need?

Grab Your Promotion Plan Template

1. Get Clear On Your Timeframe

2. Get Clear in your WHY

3. Get Clear in your WHO

4. Get Clear on your WHAT

5. Work out HOW you will achieve this

BONUS – A4 Printable Promotion Plan Template

We're not about content consumption
we're about action

This course is designed to save you time, not add another thing to your already over-busy to-do list. By the time you've finished, you'll be clear what steps you need to take to improve your sales.

No need to feel lost of overwhelmed anymore. Improving your revenue with a results-based plan is just around the corner...

Here's what you'll get:

  • Step-by-step Video Training
  • Recommended Workflow
  • Templates and Shortcuts
  • Lifetime Access
YOUR investmenT:

$297 NZD

*including GST

money back
100% Satisfaction-Guarantee.

If you find this course doesn’t give you what you expected, email our team within 7 days of your purchase and we’ll give you a no-questions-asked refund.
But, we are so confident in this course, we reckon you’ll be thinking of a different R word …. Rrrrr-referral

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Is this just about running a one-off discount?

This is not a course teaching you how to run a one-off promotion. This is a method for helping you create a Promotion Plan. They are two very different things.

A Promotion Plan is a system to help you increase your sales over a set period of time. It may include multiple offers or strategies to achieve this.

Once you've learned the system, it's one that you can (and indeed should) do again and again.

How long will this course take?

This course is a really quick win course, which will have you on your way with a promotion plan and idea of what to prioritise within a morning.

What type of business is this course for?

This course is a great foundational course for anyone wanting more customers and sales, whether you are a start-up or have an established small business.

Will this work for my business?

That depends on you, the quality of the promotion you design, and the level of action you take. What we CAN guarantee is that we know of others' who have successfully used this same method to achieve dramatically their existing revenue or profit.

What is your refund policy?

If you find this course doesn't give you what you expected, email us at within 7 days of your purchase and we'll give you a no-questions-asked refund.
But, we are so confident in this course, we reckon you'll be thinking of a different R word .... Rrrrr-referral ; )

Boost Your Skills. Join 500+ Students

Grow your business more effortlessly by creating a revenue-focused promotion plan.


I'm Kat

The Helpful Academy is the resource I WISHED I had back when I started my business!

I’ve been in your shoes, and know how overwhelming it can be to learn all the different facets to running a business (while still mostly working IN the business)

Now over a decade later, it’s a joy to share all the shortcuts and cheats that I’ve learned with you during my time in business.

What makes me happiest about our Academy, are the transformations that I get to see happen every day inside our online school from our students, because we help them save time and earn more money.

I look forward to getting to know you and your business, and helping you grow your dream too!

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