Detect Untapped Profit Potential in Your Business With Precision

Using our affordable and efficient In-Flight Profit Detector®

Ready to takeoff towards greater profitability, efficiency and results?

Introducing your new co-pilot: The In-Flight Profit Detector®

There are so many moving parts affecting your profitability and sales. So, it often feels hard like you need an MBA just to figure out what's not working and where the quickest wins are.

But, what small business owner has a spare $40,000 and years to dedicate to an MBA, when all you want is to start experiencing results today?!

Just like a skilled pilot detecting the best flight path, our unique audit acts as a profit detective, guiding you towards the most efficient path to achieve your business goals.

Detecting the under-utilised opportunities for enhancing your business is now easier than ever...

In as little as 15 minutes, the powerful In-Flight Profit Detector® analyses 26 areas of your business. 

The result? A colour-coded report that highlights what's working well and where the opportunities for improvements lie.

Green = looking great in this area

Yellow = things are ok, but could use some further improvement

Pink = this area needs work to help you 'Fly' better

But that's not all - we won't leave you stranded on the tarmac -

Prioritising what to improve first is a breeze - Just follow the 6 helpful steps in your personalised In-Flight Profit Plan®.

Are you ready to take your business to new heights? Buckle up and 

Making your dreams a reality with the In-Flight Profit Audit® is as easy as 1, 2, 3:

Complete the Survey

Fill out the easy-to-complete online survey to accurately measure 26 areas of your business. This should take you between 10-20 minutes.

Get instant access to your Flight Plan

Enjoy instant access to your results and personalised In-Flight Profit Plan®

Put your plan into action

Follow the step-by-step checklists + 6 Step Plan, to confidently take flight to your dream destination!

Kat Soper Nailed It

Benefits of the In-Flight Profit Detector®

  • Quickly detect the areas of your business that are holding you back from the growth you desire
  • Follow the proven 6 Step Profit Framework and 'Take Flight' more effortlessly in your business
  • Feel organised and under control, with step-by-step checklists to follow
  • Easy (and visually) track your progress over time

Get the most from every business growth effort

Before you know what to change, you first need to detect where things are at.

Our unique In-Flight Profit Audit® makes it simple, fast and effective to detect untapped potential, and prioritise areas for improvement.
So you can fly further, faster.

Here's what you'll get:

  • Short online survey and instant result - valued at $150
  • Personalised recommendations and checklists. Follow your new 6 Step In-Flight Plan® for efficiently maximising your business success- valued at $200



$37 NZD

*including GST


I'm Kat

I’ve been in your shoes, and know how lonely, overwhelming (and expensive!) it can be to learn how to grow a profitable small business. Especially if numbers and tech don't come naturally to you...

I started The Helpful Academy back in 2015 because it's the resource I wish I had when I first started:
Somewhere to make it simple to learn, without having to enrol in a $40,000 MBA! So that my business could fly further, faster.

Fast forward a few years and with the help of other industry experts, we've now launched over 40 business courses and helped over 1000 businesses grow their businesses more effortlessly.

I look forward to sharing what I know to help you and your business profitability FLY!

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How long will the PROCESS take?

That kind of depends on how well you know your business. If you know your business really well, it should only take about 10-20 minutes to complete the survey. 

How long is the report and Personalised plan?

Your personalised report + plan will be 40 pages.

It is made up of a three sections:

Section 1, pages 1-7: Includes the introduction to the In-Flight Framework™ and your survey results
Section 2, pages 8-9: teaches you how to prioritise what to work on first with the In-Flight Priority Pathway™
Section 3, pages 10-40: provides you with tips, checklists and resources to help you improve your results in each area

What is your refund policy?

Because this is an instantly available digital product providing immense amounts of personalised information, all sales are final and no refunds will be given.

But we're really confident you'll find it so useful you'll be thinking of a different R word... rrrrreferral :)

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Join over 1000 other small business owners who love The Helpful Academy resources…

Between 2015 and when the top two screen shots were taken in June 2023, we've only ever received 5 star reviews from our students and clients on both Facebook and Google. I don't think many businesses could boast achieving this after being in business for 8 years (and who knows how long it will last for now that I've drawn attention to it because = #InternetTrolls)