Detecting Untapped Potential, For Increasing Your Profitability + Sales Results, Just Got Easier!

Using Our Done-With-You Profit Detector Strategy Service

"I recently took the Audit and was super impressed. It's very thorough and I loved the multiple choice answering system. The report is detailed and provides so many great tips for me to implement. I came away from the strategy session feeling so much more positive about my business and what I need to focus on going forward. Kat is so lovely to work with and really knows her stuff!"

~ Alana Steyn

With many #MovingParts and #Numbers affecting your results, it can feel very overwhelming to work out how to improve your business by yourself.

That's where I can help...

Give me two hours of time together, and I can help you find and analyse your numbers.

Then we can detect which of the 3 most common culprits is affecting your results:

  1. The business isn't as profitable as it needs to be
  2. Your sales system is holding you back
  3. Or, everything is set up well - you just need greater visibility and awareness

Once we know your results, I can explain some quick-wins, and match you with resources to help you implement the improvements.

What Your Done-With-You Profit Detector Package Includes:

My Signature In-Flight Profit Audit®

In as little as 15 minutes, this powerful tool investigates 26 areas of your business. You'll get instant access to a colour-coded report, highlighting what's working well and where the opportunities for improvements lie.

A TWO-Hour Strategy Session With Kat

I'll spend time getting know know your business and goals and we'll work through your In-Flight Audit Report® together. I'll then help you find and analyse any numbers you're unsure about so we can diagnose what's holding you back.

Personalised Business Improvement Recommendations

Once we know which of the three common roadblocks is keeping you on the tarmac, I will recommend some quick wins to see you airborne again. I can also match you with helpful resources, at a price point you can afford, if you would like help implementing your plan.

Benefits of the In-Flight Profit Audit®:

In as little as 15 minutes, the powerful In-Flight Profit Audit® analyses 26 areas of your business. 

The result? A colour-coded report that highlights what's working well and where the opportunities for improvements lie.

Green = looking great in this area

Yellow = things are ok, but could use some further improvement

Pink = this area needs work to help you 'Fly' better

Benefits of working with an expert Profit Detector:

  • Get personalised analysis and recommendations of your In-Flight Report® and key numbers from an expert coach
  • Quickly detect the areas of your business that are holding you back from the growth you desire 
  • No more getting stuck with analysis paralysis, questioning what you do and don't need to prioritise.
  • Save money by not being distracted buying courses or templates that won't help you achieve your goals any faster
  • Easy (and visually) track your progress over time

Improving your results with the Done-With-You Profit Detector Service is as easy as 1, 2, 3:

Complete the Survey

Fill out the easy-to-complete online survey to accurately measure 26 areas of your business. This should take you between 10-20 minutes.

We will meet to analyse your results + create a plan

No more getting stuck in analysis paralysis! I'll have you clear on your priorities and taking helpful action in no time.

Put your plan into action

Follow the step-by-step checklists + 6 Step Plan, to confidently take flight to your dream destination!

Kat Soper Nailed It

Before you can be confident about what to change, you first need to analyse where things are now.

Get expert help to detect untapped potential, and prioritise areas for improvement. So you can fly further, faster.

Here's what you'll enjoy:

  • Short online survey and instant In-Flight Profit Audit Results- valued at $150
  • A Personalised In-Flight Plan®- valued at $200
  • A two-hour, one-on-one Profit Detector and Strategy Session with Kat - values at $700



$300 NZD

*including GST

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