Need some one-off business strategy or help to complete your project?

I'm here to make that easier for you with my affordable, one-off "Power Packs"...

Choose a pack of 3 or 10 power hours, depending on the size of your project, and let's get your project finished!

Business advice and implementation support can make a big difference...

But many small business owners don’t have the budget or the need to work with a business coach on an ongoing basis.

Our affordable Power Packs now offer you the ability to tap into any combination of: 

  • strategic business advice
  • feedback on draft content
  • or practical hands-on technical help 

depending on what you'll find most helpful to get your project over the line...

No need to sit there struggling alone anymore!

Let's get your project out there where it belongs...

I was going round and round in frustrated circles trying to figure out how to launch a new service and if it was even worth launching, and had been sitting on it for months with no progress being made. I had an hour with Kat and she totally untangled it for me, broke it down step by step, helped me price it and validated the idea for me. With her info as a jump off point I have made more money this month on styling than the whole of last year. Stop freaking out and call Kat!

- Monique Doy

Here's how the Power Packs work...

Choose from either a pack of 3 or 10 hours, depending on the size of your project*.
(*indicative project timeframes below)

Enjoy any combination of business strategy, training or technical help from Kat, delivered via Zoom.

Breathe out in relief, and experience the benefit of your finished project.

Kat Soper Nailed It

A selection of things we can help with...

General business advice

If you just need a bit of hand holding to get unstuck, or you're not even sure what you need, you just want help, Kat can help work out your next steps. Choose either the 3 or the 10 hour Power Pack depending on your preference.

Designing a profitable and marketable offer

Have an idea for a product or services but need some help pricing and packaging it for market? We can help! Choose a 3 hour pack for this.

Facebook ads

We can help with setting up your Facebook Business Manager and Ads Account for optimal success, creating artwork and setting up ads for you. Choose a 3 hour pack for this.

Pimping your website

Website not getting the results you desire? We can help with a website audit and optimisation strategy for any platform, setting up and reviewing Google Analytics. Choose a 3 hour pack for this. For implementation the 10 hour pack is best.

Launching a course

We can help with everything from designing your course and your sales strategy (choose 3 hours for this), to helping you produce your course and set up your course platform (you'll need a minimum of 10 hours for this).

Launching a membership

Need help designing the details of your membership? Choose the 3 hour pack for this. But if you'd like implementation help to set up your membership, you'll need a minimum of 10 hours for this.

Customer pathway design

A well designed customer pathway is one of the tickets to more profit. Design a high converting pathway to attract and nurture more of your ideal customers, with a 3 hour Power Pack.

Customer pathway implementation

Once you've got your design, we can also help with the implementation. For example by setting up new booking systems, or email automations. A 10 hour Power Pack is the best pack for this.

Designing and setting up a lead magnet

Need a way to collect email addresses on your website? We can help with strategy and set up of a lead magnet or email marketing. Choose a 3 hour pack for this.

Your Investment...

3 Hour Power Pack

  • 3 hours of your choice of strategy, feedback or implementation
  • To be used within 4 weeks
  • Delivered 1:1 over Zoom (for strategy)
  • Or Delivered remotely via email (for feedback and implementation)

$900 NZD

*including GST

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Click on the "buy now" button above for the number of hours you'd like. Then you'll be directed to choose times for these hours to be delivered. If you'd like strategy, then you'll need to be at the meetings. If you choose to use the time for your work to be reviewed and feedback given, or implementation, then these hours will be performed remotely without you there and delivered back to you via email.

How will the meetingS take place?

We host all of our meeting using Zoom. The link to join the Zoom meeting can be found inside your booking confirmation email. All you need to do is click this link and follow the instructions provided.

If you've never used Zoom before, we recommend that you allow additional time prior to the meeting to download the app to make your viewing experience better and ensure you are on time to the meeting.

I can't find times that suits me, do you have any other times available?

My standard client delivery hours are 8.30am - 3.00pm NZ standard time Monday - Thursday. If you are from another time zone and cannot find a time that suits your time zone, please contact me on and we can look at finding another time.

How do I know how many hours to spend on what - strategy vs implementation?

The first session will always be a strategy session (even if you don't need the whole hour for strategy). We'll meet together, agree on a plan, and that plan will be emailed to you in writing.


Power Pack hours don't roll over. Therefore it's important that you book and use them in the timeframe provided, unless otherwise agreed in writing, or the hours will be lost.

3 hour packs need to be used within 4 weeks.
10 hour packs need to be used within 12 weeks.

All hours must be scheduled at the time of booking. This is to assist with capacity planning. Refer below to the rescheduling FAQ if you need to reschedule.


This is to ensure that we have the capacity to deliver your project to you in a timeframe that suits you (and inside the required delivery timeframe).
If your timeframe needs to alter once you've booked your hours, it's very easy to reschedule them.


Once you book your hours you'll be sent a confirmation email. Inside this email is a "cancel/reschedule" link. Simply push that to reschedule your hours for another time. Or contact and we can help you with that.


That depends on your project. Once you've made your booking, we'll be in touch to discuss which project you'd like help with and advise of any pre-work requirements.


As this purchase is for delivered services, there are no refunds available once services have started. If at our first meeting we discover that the pack you've purchased either isn't suitable or isn't the best one for what you need, we will discuss a plan with you to transfer funds to the more appropriate service and refund any difference.


Not necessarily. All the strategy and feedback work will be completed by Kat. But implementation tasks may be completed by the team, then reviewed by Kat before delivery.

No need to struggle alone any more!