Exceed your business goals by

creating plans that drive more sales and profit

This course is about so much more than creating a ‘Business Plan’ –
it’s your ‘Step-by-Step Plan for Success’.

If you’ve ever tried creating a business plan before, only to have it gather dust in your drawer never to be read again, you’re not alone. That’s what typically happens with a ‘traditional’ business plan.

This course is not that!

• It’s not a plan to take to the bank.
• It’s not a one-hit wonder.
• It’s not a pipe-dream.

It’s a SYSTEM that you’ll follow daily, weekly and monthly to ensure achieving your goals isn’t just doable – it’s inevitable!

• Plan your why, what and when
• Get clear on your who
• Plan out your how

And put it all together in a 90 day pocket plan and a 12 month goal-driven calendar.
That drives sales and increases profits.

What you’ll get

Video how to create a business plan

Video Training

Presented by Head Instructor, Kat Soper. Kat will take you step-by-step through creating a 12-month plan. Most videos are immediate to action at only a few minutes long.

Business Planning Fillable Template

Fillable Planning Templates

Use this to complete your plan within a few hours.

How to create a business plan workbook

Workbook and Printable’s

Keep your plan with you at all times, so you can remain on track with our printable 90-day Pocket Planner.

Lifetime Course Access Alarm Clock

Lifetime Access

Finish at your leisure and come back anytime to retake the health check and track your progress.

What you’ll learn

    • Download the Plan Your System for Success Workbook
    • Introduction
    • Common Things That Go Wrong
    • Fundamentals of a Great System For Success (Plan)
    • Power in Numbers
    • Paper vs Digital
    • Exercise 1: Working out your WHY / Purpose
    • Exercise 2: Your Purpose Statement
    • Exercise 3: Your Future Vision
    • Exercise 4: Your Theme Word(s) for the Year
    • Intro to Your What/When and What You’ll Need
    • Introduction to the Plan Template
    • The Templates
    • Creating Your Big Picture Plan
    • Introduction to Who
    • For Solopreneurs
    • For Teams
    • Intro to How
    • Planning a Quarter at a Time
    • Choosing your Focus/Theme
    • Planning Your Tracking Method
    • Putting it all Together
    • Simplifying it down to a week-at-a-time view
    • Planning Your Reviews
    • Making Changes to Your System for Success
    • Two Bonus Templates For You
    • Download and Print The Templates
    • Wahooooo!!!

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • As a rebel personality type I so get it! In this course I teach you how move things around as needed so that you can keep things agile (and don’t feel like you’re being smothered by a pillow!)

  • There are only 2 videos over 10 minutes each. The rest are in easy-to-digest bite-sized pieces, under 5 minutes each.

  • The Masterclass is designed so that you can finish your System for Success Plan in less than a day if you choose to. It largely depends on how clear you are on your goals, to begin with. The more clear you already are on your WHY, and what you want to achieve, the quicker you will complete it.

    In saying that, it is likely to take a few months of real intention, for your planning and reviewing to become habit/part of your weekly routine.

  • You will need paper, pens and we recommend post-it notes (but they aren’t compulsory).

    We also recommend using Trello (or similar if you use something else). As part of the HOW section we will provide Trello templates. These can be easily replicated in your own system if you use another task management tool. Otherwise, we recommend signing up for a free Trello tool and using that.

  • If you find this course doesn’t give you what you expected, email us at hello@thehelpfulacademy.com within 7 days of your purchase and we’ll give you a no-questions-asked refund.
    But, we are so confident in this course, we reckon you’ll be thinking of a different R word …. Rrrrr-referral 😉

Meet Your Instructor

Kat Soper Founder of The Helpful Academy

Kat Soper – Founder of The Helpful Academy

Hey, I’m Kat 👋🏻

As a business strategist, I’m not interested in helping you just create a “pretty” business plan which will sit in your drawer collecting dust.

My priority is helping you create a fast, easy to action, and agile plan to help you focus and achieve success.

I can’t wait to help you create your plan!