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Want to SMASH your business goals this year?

Awesome, let’s get you a clear plan to make that happen!

By the end of this Masterclass, you’ll have a powerful 12-month Action Plan so that you know exactly WHAT to do WHEN to achieve your business goals.

Plan for success | The Helpful Academy

What you’ll get

Fillable Planning Templates

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A downloadable, fillable PDF Workbook

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Video lessons to help you create your plan

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Watch the video content within 2 hours and plan your first 12 months within a day!

What you’ll learn

1. INTRO to Planning

1. INTRO to Planning

2: Plan your WHY

2: Plan your WHY



4. Plan your WHO

4. Plan your WHO

5. Plan your HOW

5. Plan your HOW

Module 1 (1)

1. INTRO to Planning

Download the 10-page, fillable PDF workbook


  • The common things that can go wrong with plans
  • The fundamentals of a great plan
  • Why there’s power in numbers
  • And we cover the digital vs paper debate {Spoiler alert – we advocate for a mixed approach}
Module (2)

2. Planning your WHY

All great plans need to start here. Because if you’re not clear on your WHY, it’ll be easy to give up when the s*** hits the fan. 


  • During this module, you’ll work out WHY you want to make this plan
  • Write a Purpose Statement to summarise your why in a nutshell
  • Visualise where you want to be in 12 months
  • Set your theme word(s) for the year
Module 3 (2)

3. Planning your WHAT & WHEN

In this section, we really get our plan on. 
I share my template with you and take you through planning your Big Picture Strategy for the year.

Get clear on:

  • WHAT you’ll be achieving over the next 12 months
  • and WHEN you’ll achieve it all by
Module 4

4. Planning your WHO

Whether you work solo, or you have an established team, planning who your support crew will be is vital to the success of your plan. But, because the needs are different for both, we have broken this Module down into two different sections – do either the Solopreneur lesson or the for established Teams lesson.

In this section, we help you plan:

  • Who your dream crew are
  • How often to review things with them
  • What to cover during your review meetings
Module 5 Plan Your System for Success | The Helpful Academy

5. Planning your HOW

This is the part where many plans fall short – they don’t work out the detail following on from the Big Picture Strategy Plan. Or, they don’t work out the details in a way that’s agile and easy to adapt as needs change.
During this module, I share my awesome 2 part template with you.


  • Break all the tasks down into quarters, months and sprints so you’re super clear in what needs doing to achieve your goals
  • Be clear in what action to take every week to achieve success in your year by default

Underlying it all, we’ll encourage you into a mindset where you don’t feel like having a plan feels like being suffocated by a pillow, that you’re confident you CAN do this, and that you know how to easily make changes when things need moving around a bit.

Praise for Kat and The Helpful Academy


Engage the services of this amazing mentor. You will thank me.

Kat just gets business and entrepreneurs at a level that most would love to. 
If you are operating at a profitable level and looking to grow but not sure why you’re not moving forward, then please connect with Kat, complete the test and then engage the services of this amazing mentor. 
You will thank me.” 

Terri Christine Billington  |  Founder  |  TCB Coaching

Danie Muollo Resized

I felt energised for action with clear steps to take.

“Kat is great to work with. Very encouraging and knowledgeable. Kat’s expertise and understanding of business helped me realise the key steps and priorities I needed to take, I felt energised for action, and reassured with clear steps to streamline the areas that will make a real difference. I highly recommend the Helpful Brand to know exactly where your business stands now and where it needs to go.” 

Danie Muollo  |  EDJE Strengths

kirstyn campbell

Thank God for Kat Soper and The Helpful Academy

This week has been frustrating seeing and experiencing how poorly the business is set up. From me doing it all myself and remembering it all – to sharing the load and still having mostly everything either in my head or Chads, it’s getting pretty frustrating and tough. Thank God for Kat Soper and her BOSS Test then coaching call to sort my stuff out and get on track like a real professional.”

Kirstyn Campbell |  Founder |  KC Fit


  • There are only 2 videos over 10 minutes each. The rest are in easy-to-digest bite-sized pieces, under 5 minutes each.

  • The Masterclass is designed so that you can finish your System for Success Plan within a day if you choose to. It largely depends on how clear you are on your goals, to begin with. The more clear you already are on your WHY, and what you want to achieve, the quicker you will complete it.

    In saying that, it is likely to take a few months of real intention, for your planning and reviewing to become habit/part of your weekly routine.

  • You will need paper, pens and we recommend post-it notes (but they aren’t compulsory).

    We also recommend using Trello (or similar if you use something else). As part of the HOW section we will provide Trello templates. These can be easily replicated in your own system if you use another task management tool. Otherwise, we recommend signing up for a free Trello tool and using that.

  • This course isn’t about creating a just another business plan that you’ll create and then not look at for another year. You can download a free template for one of those off of the internet. This is a way to create a System for Success that will help you achieve your goals by default. Because instead of focusing on the end goal, we’re focusing on the action that needs to be taken each week to achieve the end goal in the time frame you set.

  • Refund you ask? My guess is that after doing this masterclass, you’ll be thinking of another r word… referral.
    But in all seriousness, if within 14 days you have finished the Masterclass, and you’re not satisfied that we’ve provided you with a way to create yourself an awesome system, then contact us and we’ll give you your money back. We totally back the quality of this class.

  • This Masterclass is aimed at Entrepreneurs who either work solo or work in small teams (say up to 15 – 20 people). It has not been designed for larger organisations, with multiple teams.

  • Great news: You have Lifetime access.

    Which means you can continue to refresh every year, and you will get lifetime access to any improvements of the Masterclass.

Who’s it by?

Kat Bali 2

That’d be me; Hi, I’m Kat,

Founder of The Helpful Brand, The Helpful Academy and Creator of The BOSS Test. I get up every day to help entrepreneurs such as yourself, achieve your goals and extraordinary results in your businesses, by helping them implement sustainable Systems for Success.

I’ve worked with Entrepreneurs from all different kinds of industries and trained with some of the best Global Leaders of our time. This Masterclass is a collation of all of the best things I’ve learned over the years, from all my own learning and from my experience helping Entrepreneurs achieve their goals.

I can’t wait to help you with a Plan to achieve your goals too!

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