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Between our free profit workshop, low-cost templates, affordable courses and business coaching we have help available at every price point...

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I'm Kat,

It can feel scary or overwhelming when you're working so hard in your business, but not making the money you want or need to!

Especially if numbers don't come naturally to you...

That's why I created The Helpful Academy. It's the resource I wish I had when I first started, to save me years of googling, pulling my hair out, and crying at my lack of profit. I believe it should be much easier to learn the business basics, so you can scale your business more effortlessly - and now it is!

Whether you've been in business 2 days, or 20 years, here's how I can help you improve your profits in the next 30 days: 

Affordable DIY profit templates and courses:

Follow our 5 Step Profit Formula to improve your business's profitability inside 30 days so that you can pay yourself the income you dream of...


Need to work out your fixed business or personal expenses? The Budget Project has your back...



Working out how many sales you need to make your income goal, just got a whole lot easier, with these easy-to-use key metric and sales goal calculators!



Use our 5 Step Profit Formula to improve your money confidence, manage your money magnificently, create profitable pricing and set achievable sales goals to improve your overall profitability inside 30 days...

*The Profit Formula Course includes both The Budget Project and Sales Goal Calculators


THE In-Flight Profit Framework®

With so many moving parts to creating a profitable business, it can be difficult to know what's working well, what isn't, and where the biggest opportunities in your business lie!

The In-Flight Profit Framework® is here to help you achieve success, without the overwhelm, in 6 straightforward steps.

It's alll the training, tools and resources that I wish I had when I first started my business (but is well loved by businesses of all ages). 

*The In-Flight Profit Framework includes The Profit Formula course content, The Budget Project AND Sales Goal Calculators

PRICE: $2500 NZD

Affordable, done-with-you profit coaching and training

Templates and courses are great for people who can DIY something by themselves. But, sometimes it's helpful to have a little accountability and personalised support. Especially if you are short on time!

We have two options for getting personalised profit support, depending if you only want on-off help with the numbers, or you'd also like all-round support with sales and marketing too.

For those who purchase the In-Flight Profit Framework, we offer 1:1 or group support. Or, we also have an 8 week accelerator program:

8 Week One-on-one profit Accelerator

Like the look of our 5 Step Profit Formula, but want a bit more support? It sounds like the 8 Week Profit Accelerator Program will be perfect for you... Work with Kat 1:1 to learn your numbers, implement each of the 5 Profit Formula steps, and supersize your profit transformation.

PRICE: $1500 NZD

Or, you can 'try before you buy' with our Free Profit Class...

It can feel scary or overwhelming when you're working so hard in your business, but not making the money you want or need to!

This one hour free video training will teach you:

  • The 5 levers that effect your business's profitability
  • The 5 Step Profit Formula I use (and my clients use) to grow their business profits in as little as 30 days.
  • The 5 key metrics every business owner should know about their business, and how to use these to predict how many sales you need to achieve your income goal

This workshop takes exactly an hour and also includes a high-value free fillable workbook and checklist, to help you implement what you learn


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Between 2015 and when these screen shots were taken in June 2023, we've only ever received 5 star reviews from our students and clients on both Facebook and Google. I don't think many businesses could boast achieving this after being in business for 8 years (and who knows how long it will last for now that I've drawn attention to it because = #InternetTrolls)

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