Email marketing is one of the best (and cheapest) ways to grow your profits

Let’s make you a master of email marketing…

Sending emails to your list shouldn’t make you nervous!
But for many small business owners, it does. 

Marketing to your email list is one of the best ways to grow your profits. The numbers talk for themselves. On average every $1 spent on email marketing returns $44.

So what makes us nervous about email marketing?

• We feel really stuck about what to send to our email list
• We don’t want to send too many emails
• We don’t know how to sell without feeling sleazy

It’s time to learn how to master using email to grow your business...

Introducing 'Master Email Marketing'

It’LL Teach YOU how to: 

• Create a high-converting 12-month email marketing plan
• Know what to send and when
• Feel confident you’re sending the right (non-sleazy) emails
• Learn how to double-check the success of your emails

What you'll get inside...

Kat Soper Head Trainer The Helpful Academy

Step by step video training

Our head trainer, Kat Soper, breaks the process down into easy, actionable chunks.

Master Email Marketing Guide Trello Image

Fill-in-the-blanks template

Creating your 12-month email marketing plan just got easier with this easy to use template.

Checklists and Workbook

The fillable PDF workbooks and checklists make planning your campaigns and automations a breeze.


No need to stress over when you can/can’t complete. You’ll receive lifetime access and updates.

Meet your instructor - Kat Soper

Hi, I’m Kat

As a small business owner myself, I have experienced first hand the overwhelm and uncertainty when it comes to figure out how to use email marketing to grow my business.
But, I'm really glad I learned how to use email marketing with confidence to grow my business. Because boy oh boy can it make the world of difference to your profits when you do it right...

I can’t wait to help you master your email marketing!

Course Content

Here's what you'll learn...

What is Email Marketing and How Can it Help You Grow Your Business?

Download Your Email Marketing Strategy Template

Set Your Desired Result

WHO you are sending your emails to

WHEN and HOW OFTEN Should You Email?

WHAT to send…

Which System Should You Choose?

Download Your Setup Checklist Here

Using Mailerlite

Before You Push Send

How Do You Know It’s Working?

How Do You Keep Your List Clean?

Keeping Things Up To Date

List Building Strategies

We're not about content consumption
we're about action

This course is designed to save you time, not add another thing to your already over-busy to-do list. By the time you've finished, you'll have a 12-month plan to use email marketing to grow your business profits!

Email marketing is not optional in small business.

It's essential.

Learn how to use it to more effortlessly grow your business with Master Email Marketing...

YOUR investment

Simple, fast and effective help

$297 NZD

Learn how to use it to more effortlessly grow your business with Master Email Marketing...

Here's what you'll get:

  • Step-by-step Video Training
  • Workbooks and Templates
  • Lifetime Access
YOUR investmenT:

$297 NZD

*including GST

money back
100% Satisfaction-Guarantee.

If you find this course doesn’t give you what you expected, email our team within 7 days of your purchase and we’ll give you a no-questions-asked refund.
But, we are so confident in this course, we reckon you’ll be thinking of a different R word …. Rrrrr-referral

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What size business is this course for?

Whether you are brand new to business, or have an established small business, this course is designed to answer all of your email marketing questions and help you create a really effective 12-month email marketing strategy.

Do I already need to have an email list?

No. Whether you already have an email list that you want to make better use of, or, you're starting completely from scratch with no list, Master Email Marketing will meet you where you're at.

What email system is this course for?

Inside the 'how-to' section of this course, I cover how to use Mailerlite, MailChimp or Active Campaign. However, if you have chosen to use a different platform that's totally ok. You'll just get to skip that module and the rest of the course will really benefit you. Because all the rest of the modules have been designed to be applied to any system you choose.

I have no idea which email system to choose - will you help me with this?

Yes, at the beginning of the 'how-to' section I go through the pros and cons of the 3 most commonly recommended email marketing programs, and recommend which would be best for different applications. So, if you are completely new to email marketing, then this will guide you to which system to use.

Will there be any other costs associated with this course and setting up my Email Marketing Strategy?

That depends. Both Mailerlite and MailChimp can be setup and used for free, up to certain list sizes (1000 and 2000 active contacts repectively) and the course has been filmed solely using the free options. However, you may decide to upgrade your plans depending on your business needs. 

I'm tossing up between several of your email courses. What is the difference between them and which one should I get?

  1. Emails That Sell: (or all the individual templates within that bundle) are email templates designed to help you save time writing automated emails - (e.g. what to send once people subscribe).
  2. Lead Magnets Made Easy:  will take you through the strategy and tech setup of creating an automated lead capture system (to fill your email list with the right leads). 
  3. Mailerlite Made Easy:  is designed only for people who are starting out and need a really basic program to start with. It's more about strategic set up of that specific system.
  4. Master Email Marketing: is the foundational course - this will help with an overall strategy to help you decide what you need in the way of newsletters and automations. It talks about the importance of collecting leads via a lead magnet, but is more focused on what to do with the leads once you have them... It also included Mailerlite Made Easy - as well as setup instructions for other programs.

What is your refund policy?

If you find this course doesn't give you what you expected, email us at within 7 days of your purchase and we'll give you a no-questions-asked refund.
But, we are so confident in this course, we reckon you'll be thinking of a different R word .... Rrrrr-referral ; )

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Grow your business more effortlessly using email marketing


I'm Kat

The Helpful Academy is the resource I WISHED I had back when I started my business!

I’ve been in your shoes, and know how overwhelming it can be to learn all the different facets to running a business (while still mostly working IN the business)

Now over a decade later, it’s a joy to share all the shortcuts and cheats that I’ve learned with you during my time in business.

What makes me happiest about our Academy, are the transformations that I get to see happen every day inside our online school from our students, because we help them save time and earn more money.

I look forward to getting to know you and your business, and helping you grow your dream too!

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