Plan your customer journey or funnel with ease using Funnelytics

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Today we’re talking about one of my favourite business tools – Funnelytics

If you are looking to improve or create a Marketing Funnel OR improve your Customer Pathway, then this week’s #appoftheweek is for you my friend.

This is one of my very favourites. It’s such a versatile tool, and better yet, it’s FREE!

Check out the video for a full demo, and even a walk through one of my own funnel drafts.

You can sign up to give it a go here:

Video transcript:

Welcome to this week’s episode of App of the Week.
Now, I’m really excited about this one. Because when my team manager showed me it, I was like, “ohhhh, where have you been all my life”. And I know that many of you are going to feel the same.
It is very easy to use and it has transformed the way that I can plan my whole marketing funnel and customer journey. So without further ado, let’s jump on over and I will show you what it looks like.

The first thing that I want to show you is this bit right here: it’s free for life!

Even though Funnelytics does have a paid version, unless you are an ad agency, or have a really big ad spend each month, it’s likely the free plan will give you what you need.

Once you jump inside the Funnelytics dashboard you’ve got all of your projects down the side here, and you’ve got the chance to create a new project.

The first thing I thought I’d show you so that you don’t feel like you have to start from scratch as what’s called the vault. The Vault is a whole bunch of example funnels that you can use to base your funnel or your sales flow. There are a lot of ones you have to pay for, but, there are also some free options.

Now, I will give you a bit of a view around one of my funnels, so you can get the gist of what you’re trying to achieve with it. As you can see to the left, I’ve got all of these organic ways that I’m driving traffic to my 50 ways to promote opt-in landing page. Once people are there, they can do one of two things;

1) They can either complete the form and go to a thank you page
2) Or they can just leave the page.

If they disappear, what I do is I retarget them again using Facebook Ads. If they fill out the thank you page, then they’ll get sent a series of emails from me, teaching them what to do with the information that they’ve just learned, keeping them accountable to putting into practice etc.
Then, after a period of time, I’m also going to retarget them on Facebook to show them that I have available my Promote like a BOSS Masterclass, which is really going to help them do the marketing and promotion in a strategic way. So if they land here, they can either purchase it or not.

And if they don’t purchase, then you can see that I’ve got Facebook retargeting and Google remarketing setup. If they do purchase then they’ll get an email sequence again. And after a period of time, they will also get my retargeting ads on Facebook, to encourage them to book a promotion strategy session with them to go over the promotion plan that they’ve put together and just get another set of eyes across that.

If they purchase that, then you can see I’m still building what happens next. If they don’t, then likewise, they get retargeted, and you get the idea.
So this is kind of the bones of a not even finished funnel. But it gives you an idea of what types of marketing funnels or customer sales pathways you can use it for.
What I wanted to show you is how easy it is to build these things and build out your funnel really visually. So down the side, we’ve got some different page options, we’ve got some different traffic options, we’ve got some actions that they can take, we’ve got some actions that you can do offline. You can even plan your phone calls, when you’re going to call the client, have a meeting etc.

As you can see, you can not only just build an online funnel, but your whole sales journey that your offline customers go through as well.
So once you finished it you’ve got two options that we can do. We can share it with someone so we can invite someone to collaborate on us which is really cool. And we can also say that is a template or we can export it as a PNG.

So that’s Funnelytics guys, let me know what you think!

I just I find this program so useful. It really helps you visualize the whole process that your customers are going through or that you WANT your customers to go through.

If you need any help planning your funnels, get in touch and we’ll be happy to help.

Kat Soper - The Helpful Academy

About the author:

Kat Soper is the Founder and Head Trainer of The Helpful Academy Online Business School.

Kat is passionate about helping start-ups and small businesses succeed and achieve their business goals so that they can achieve the lifestyle they desire (and deserve).

If you’d like individualised help with growing your business, check out our services.


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