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Inside I'm sharing:

  • The 6 misconceptions people have when trying to improve their profitability (this will save you so much time and heartache!)
  • Why you DON'T need a huge following to improve your sales, and what to do instead
  • The 5 money metrics every business owner should know about their business
  • The 6 Step In-Flight Profit Framework™ I use, (and my clients use), to grow their profits in as little as 30 days
  • How to work with me more closely to achieve your profit goals, and pay yourself what's fair

About the teacher:


I'm Kat,

Small Business Strategist and Trainer who helps business owners learn both the strategy AND "the how" to grow their profits more effortlessly, so that they can start scaling their income and support their dream lifestyle!

I have always worked in sales and marketing, but I became an entrepreneur by accident back in 2010, when I started a blog during "nap times" while I had a newborn and a two year old. 

Within a year my blog had turned into a business selling digital patterns and things I made, and I had started consulting to other bloggers and creatives about how to grow an online blog and brand. It wasn't a full time job, or full time income. But it did provide a tidy "side hustle" income and pay for me to travel with my kids.

The problem with that business was that I had not set out to create a sewing and design business, and I just wasn't passionate about doing it for the long term. So I closed that business in 2013.
But, I still sell patterns on Etsy today that I made back in 2012.

Fast forward a few years and I've now launched over 40 digital products, in an area I AM passionate about.

Today I earn at least 3 times as much as I ever did when I was in the corporate world, only working about 20 hours per week from home. And, I get to work with incredible people, just like you!
But, it wasn't always like that. Before, I had many of the same problems you might have...

Inside this free class, I'm sharing the exact strategies I share with my paid clients. Don't miss it!
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Kat Soper
Flight Club Coach

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