Whether you’re just starting out, or you’ve been in business for 25 years, there are certain foundational things your business needs before you can grow it sustainably

Business Foundation Courses

Here are the steps you need to make building a solid foundation simple:

STEP 1: Get your mindset right. Your success depends on it.

STEP 2: Plan who your business is serving (aka your dream client)

STEP 3: Make a business plan (or as we like to call it – a system for success)

STEP 4: Create a promotion plan that drives sales

STEP 5: Ensure you know what it takes for you to pay yourself what you want

STEP 6: Understand your key numbers so that you can use them to grow

Mindset Mofo

You know the saying – “improve your mindset, improve your results”. Well – let’s blow glitter on your inner alter ego yo.

NZD $197

Know Your Numbers

Let’s get you confident in what numbers to track so you know how your business compares, where to improve, and how to use your numbers to predict your sales.

NZD $397

Catch Your Dream Client

Create a strong marketing foundation and go and Catch Your Dream Client (and improve your sales!)

NZD $147

Plan Your System For Success

Success comes more easily with a plan that can be easily put into action. Create the systems for your business success.

NZD $197

Promote Like a BOSS

Need a cash injection? This course will help you create a plan to specifically drive more sales and profit.

NZD $297

Set Your Salary

Doing all the work but not getting paid for it? Here’s how to create a plan to pay you your goal salary…

NZD $197