Finally, the framework you need to grow your business more effectively!

Want everything you need to create a successful, scalable business? 

You’ll find it in the Flight Club.
Stop feeling overwhelmed and start seeing results now.


Follow the 6-steps to take flight in your business, eliminating the guessing game.


Watch your business fly further, faster with actions that make a real difference.


No need to feel alone. Our Flight Club community are waiting to welcome you.

You work so hard on your business, so it can be frustrating when you don’t get the results you want.

But how can you change it?

Follow my proven In-Flight Framework™ and learn how to:

  • Take flight by focusing your energy in the right places
  • Intimately understand your business to transform the parts that aren’t working
  • Create the perfect pathway to attract and convert your dream client
  • And do it all with coaching and support, allowing you to get real results more easily

Introducing Flight Club...

Flight Club is the business co-pilot you wish you always had! 

It stops you from going around in frustrated circles and wondering what on earth you should be doing next.

Instead, by following the simple 6-step In-Flight Framework™, you can correct your course and reach your dream business destination!


I'm Kat

I was once in your shoes!

• Determined but stuck
• Working all the hours
• Not getting the sales I wanted (or needed!)
• Trying to do everything myself and getting tied up in knots

So what changed?

I realised that spending hours on Google teaching myself how to do everything wasn’t actually getting me anywhere fast! #falseeconomymuch

So instead, I spent about $80,000 over 3 years learning and being coached by some of the world’s top mentors.

But, that isn’t the practical solution you need to hear!

You don’t have to spend $80,000 and 3 years of your life.

In fact, you can spend a fraction of that and still get the results you're hoping for, inside the next 12 months!

Flight Club is the coaching program I wish I had when I started!

Not only could I have saved eighty grand, but if I imagine where my business would be today if I’d done things right from the beginning, it just doesn’t bear thinking about!

The great news is - you can do things right from the beginning. And it won’t cost you anywhere near $80k!

Here’s what you’ll get with a Flight Club membership…


I’ve worked out all the essentials you need to help your business take flight and bundled them all into one easy-to-implement framework. Master your mindset, create goals and a business plan, then learn and implement the most efficient systems.


Fortnightly group coaching calls with Kat via Zoom will guide you through the 6-step In Flight Framework, providing ongoing support and accountability. The calls are perfectly spaced to give you plenty of time to implement your plans.


I know you’ll have questions outside our calls, so you’ll have business-day access to me in the private member’s Facebook group. Here I’ll provide accountability and answer any additional questions so that you won’t lose momentum.

Happy Flyer Feedback

Kat, I have to say thank you! I have got so so much out of the calls this week (the Flight Club one and the Website Success Call)!

#celebrate I got started with my Easter promo early. The first email went out last night to my newsletter peoples and I’ve already sold some!
#plansdowork #plansworkifyouwork

You take the overwhelm away in a fun, down to earth way!

You’ll complete 6 key steps within Flight Club,

The In-Flight Framework™ online content has been purpose built to flow as a step-by-step journey, and includes the following online training to help you build your business with ease:

But no need to get overwhelmed thinking you have to do it all!

Everyone's business will require different effort at the different steps.
The content is only there if it helps you. Your In-Flight Audit™ and Kat will both guide you with which bits will help you with your own unique business goals...


  1. You'll go through the "Getting Started" module to become familiar with Flight Club terminology and layout and
  2. Conduct an Flight Club specific In-Flight Audit™. This will help you prioritise the parts of Flight Club which will be most useful for you to complete

STEP 1. Cultivate a High-Flyer Mindset

To lay strong foundations for personal and business success. In Step 1 you'll complete content to help you set your:

  1. Mindset
  2. Health and
  3. Time management up for success.

STEP 2. Identify Your Destination

Here you will set some business goals, so that you understand what success looks like for you, and when you want to achieve that success by.

STEP 3. Check Your Business Has Enough Fuel

The number one reason businesses fail is that they run out of resources - whether that be money, or time (leading to burnout). So in Step 3 we are going to ensure that doesn't happen to you!

Together we will ensure you:

  1. Understand your numbers
  2. Have profitable pricing
  3. Manage your money magnificently

Before you move on, so that you don't run out of fuel mid-flight, or encounter any unforeseen turbulence.

STEP 4. Create a Travel Plan

Here it's time to map out and implement your sales pathway so that you're clear in:

  1. What your brand is all about
  2. What type of passengers you want on your flight
  3. What route they'll take when they interact with your business

Strategically planning these assets leads to a MUCH more efficient use of your resources, and much greater sales!

STEP 5. Build Your Airline (Business Assets)

Now you're clear in where you want to get, and you've designed a Pathway to profitably help your customers get where THEY want to go, it's time to make sure all of your business assets support this to happen.

In Step 5 we'll tweak your business assets to support this to happen as efficiently as possible.

Such as your:

  1. Website
  2. Email marketing
  3. Social Media
  4. Other marketing
  5. And your operational processes

STEP 6. Time to Fly - Let's go...

By Step 6 you will have a profitable business, and you'll no doubt already be flying well! Step 6 is about scaling your airline for maximum momentum and success.

Here it's time to ensure you have:

  1. A Promotion Plan
  2. A Visibility Plan
  3. A Digital Marketing Plan and
  4. A kick-ass Support Crew


We know how busy you are! 

So, the In-Flight Framework™ online program is separated by business type to avoid wasting any time looking at content which doesn't apply to you!

Simply choose the version which best applies to you, and it will only contain information which is relevant to your type of business...


Is best suited to you if you have an online store or product based business.


Is best suited to you if you provide services, or have leveraged digital products.

Real People's Real results...

I can't wait to be your co-pilot!

Ditch the overwhelm and confusion by following a proven 6-step system for taking flight in your business.
It will save you time, money and most importantly - it will allow you to grow your business faster! It’s time to build the business you know you deserve.

Here's what you'll get with your Flight Club Investment:

  • 12 months access to the In-Flight Framework™ online content  -  valued at $7,800
  • 12 months access to fortnightly group coaching calls - valued at $3,900
  • 12 months access to the Flight Club members only Facebook Group - valued at $2000
  • Weekly 'In-Flight Snack' accountability and motivation emails - valued at $520
  • Quarterly group 90-Day Planning Sessions valued at $588
  • Monthly Numbers Success Club Access - valued at $600


money back
100% Satisfaction-Guarantee.

Flight Club doesn't succeed unless you succeed. So, if you feel like Flight Club isn't the right fit for you, contact us within 30 days for a full refund and cancellation of your membership.

love for FLIGHT CLUB + Kat's coaching

Here are some of the success stories we've worked with in the past

Hear Sally's Experience:

"It's hard to pick a favourite thing about Flight Club. Honestly, it's opened my eyes up to so many areas of the business that I needed to work on but I  hadn't even considered."

"I would just say go for it. There's so much to get out of it and so much that will help your business"

Hear Vicky's Experience:

"To be honest I wasn't sure about signing up...I had to really think about the investment and whether I'd get a return on my investment. But it's exceeded my expectations."

Hear Rebekah's Experience:

"I kind of had it in my head before I started that this was make or break... Now 6 months after joining I'm busier than I've ever been... Now it's like a tap has been turned on."

Hear Sharon's Experience:

"In a word I'd describe Flight Club as invaluable. I knew I needed to learn a lot. But it taught me where the gaps were in my knowledge and what I didn't even know I needed to know."

"I hesitated because it's a lot to invest in my business, but I'd do it again in a heartbeat."

Hear Desiree's Experience:

"I haven't had time yet to implement everything that I've been given. But I've learnt so many things that have already helped progress things... I'm definitely already seeing changes.

There are so many different things I've loved. What I've enjoyed seeing is that there are so many different businesses that are involved in Flight Club but that it caters for everyone. And all the support you get. It definitely makes you feel much less alone as a Business Owner."


How long are the calls and what are the call times?

The fortnightly calls will be for 60 minutes each call. During the call there will be a training slot and then time set aside for questions, to review progress.

The calls take place on a Thursday during standard New Zealand school hours of 9am-3pm (although some calls may fall in school holidays).

What type of business is this PROGRAM for?

The beauty of the In-Flight Framework™ online program is that it's separated out by business type. So, take the E-Commerce version if you're a products based business with an online shop, and take the Services version if you have a service-based business such as coaching, freelancing, health or other professional services OR you have digital products such as courses and memberships.


Flight Club is a registered service with the Regional Business Partner Network. New Zealand businesses who fit the criteria can apply for funding for up to 6 months of the program. Contact us for more information or to help you with the funding process.


Yes. If you'd like to pay in NZD or another currency, contact us to discuss.

What if I can't make the calls - will they be recorded?

Yes, all the calls are recorded. If you can't make the call you can submit your questions on the call-log prior to the call and Kat will answer them in the call (or in the Facebook group). Then, you can watch the recording.

How much time will I need available to implement this?

Great question and I'm glad you asked! Flight Club is a doing club which is designed to help you get maximum return on your investment by enabling you to grow your business faster. In order for this to happen, you will have things to implement in your business in between calls.

Your Flight Club investment will work best for you if you have a minimum of 2-3 hours + per week on average available to work on your business.
(Some of the work you'll already be doing anyway!)

Do you guarantee I'll get results?

Unfortunately this is impossible to do. Your individual results will vary depending on:

• How quickly and effectively you put in place what you learn inside Flight Club
• Your industry
• Your brand strength
• The size of your existing audience
• Your customer service
• Your product

What I can say though, is that we've seen success using these techniques and strategies in hundreds of businesses. We've had clients 5 or 10 x their revenue in one month. Or add hundreds of new subscribers in a day. Or make their quarter revenue goal in the first few weeks of the quarter.

So we know that the In-Flight Framework™ 6-step method creates success!

I have kids - will the call times be during school hours?

Yes, many of our Flyers are parents of school aged children (including Kat!). Therefore, calls will be held during school hours.

However, some calls may fall inside School holidays.

What is your refund policy?

Flight Club isn't for everyone. If you feel it's not the right fit for you in the first 30 days, contact us for a full refund and cancellation of your membership.

If life happens after this time (as we know from experience that things change) and you are no longer able to participate live in the coaching program, then you're able to put your membership on pause for up to 2 months, upon written request.


I'm Kat,

A fellow small business owner, with a heart to help you grow your business...

I’ve been in your shoes, and know how overwhelming it can be to learn all the different facets to running a business (while still mostly working IN the business).

Having worked with hundreds of small business owners like yourself, and with almost 20 years business experience, I've learnt a short-cut or two.

I started The Helpful Academy back in 2015 because I'm passionate about making business support affordable and accessible.

I look forward to sharing my tips and tricks with you, either in-person or online, to help you grow your business more effortlessly!

As seen in...

Want to have a chat first, to decide if Flight Club is right for you?

Let's have a virtual cuppa. Choose a time below and let's book a quick chat, so you can be sure.

Flight Club is a registered service with the Regional Business Partner Network (RBPN)

Small businesses (within New Zealand) may qualify for vouchers to help pay for services such as training workshops, courses and coaching. For more information contact us, your Growth Advisor, or check out