Finally, a framework that covers the "how to" of it all!

From setting business goals, through to making your dreams a reality, and everything in between.

It's time to stop feeling overwhelmed, and create a profitable business that you're proud of!

Introducing Flight Club...

Flight Club is the business co-pilot you wish you always had! 

Inside Flight Club you'll get everything you need to create a profitable and sustainable business, so that you can stop working for peanuts, and start to TAKE FLIGHT...

Join today - doors close soon!

Tell me if any of this sounds like you...

  • You want your business to be a success
  • You *need* your business to pay you more for all the effort you're putting in, so you feel less like an overworked apprentice!
  • You have so many things on your to-do list, but you have no idea which will have the biggest impact in terms of results!
  • You're over googling things and getting lost down the YouTube rabbit hole!
  • You're tired of trying to navigate all the tech, and feeling like you want to throw your laptop at the wall!
  • You wish there was a system to follow, to get your business operating profitably so that you can earn a decent income!

Good news!

I help my clients with those same problems

And, if you're like any of them, (and me when I first started!) you've probably been under some of these misconceptions...

Misconceptions like...

Misconception 1: more sales = more profit

It might.
But not necessarily!
Because it's a tricky bugger that 'profit' word.

I have businesses come to me earning $15,000 + per month, and they are still not paying themselves any income. More sales in that case is unfortunately not going to help solve the profit/take home pay problem!

Inside Flight Club you'll have all the information you need to know what it will take to make your business profitable, inside a week!

Misconception 2: more traffic = more sales

It might.
But not necessarily!

If your business website is not converting well, more traffic will not help increase your sales. It will just cost you money in ad spend and make you cry at the lack of results. (ask me how I know this lol)

Inside Flight Club you'll find step by step instructions on how to measure what is and isn't working about your website, then how to fix any problems, so that you can *profitably* scale your website results.

Misconception 3: the numbers are really hard and you're "not good with numbers"

The numbers you need to understand about your business are very simple.

There's just hasn't been a simple and concise way for you to learn them before now.

I'll help you understand the lingo, the numbers, how to find everything, and how to use them to scale your business, in a simple way you can understand.

But be warned - monitoring your numbers can be extremely addictive. And you might actually have some fun with them along the way ;)


  • If you could feel really confident about what to do next, that will actually more you closer to your goal...
  • If it wasn't actually as difficult as you thought...
  • If you COULD follow a step-by-step system, and have someone hold your hand through each step...
  • If you could wake up every day and the sales just happened...
  • If you could do what you love AND have your dream income drop into your personal bank account each week!
Flight Club with Kat Soper The Helpful Academy

All of that's possible inside Flight Club!

Who is this right for?

Coaches, consultants and other service-based businesses

If you're ready to profitably scale your service-based business, and have a booked out diary, Flight Club is here to help.

The In-Flight Framework™ for Services version will help you get booked, and maximise the income you can earn in the time you have available. 

E-Commerce and Product-based Businesses

Ready to hear the "ping" of your stripe notification all day everyday?

The In-Flight Framework™ for E-Commerce version is designed to help you create profitable pricing, design a strategic customer pathway, and grow your product sales more effortlessly.

Course or membership creators

Already have a course or membership out in the world? Or, ready to leverage your expertise and create an online course or membership?

Awesome, the In-Flight Framework™ for Services is designed to help you scale a course, membership or digital product business, so that you can sell on auto-pilot.

Basically Flight Club is for you if...

  • You want to grow your profits to pay yourself more money.
  • You've tried hard, but you're still not making enough profits to pay yourself what you desire to!
  • You finding there are so many moving parts to create, and so much tech that it all just
  • Maybe you're making great sales, but you've hit the capacity of how many you deliver, and it's still not enough to achieve your income goals.
  • You want an easy, straightforward system to increase your take home pay, as quickly as possible.

On the flip-side, Flight Club is NOT for you if...

  • You’re looking for a magic bullet. This framework will only work if you put in the work!
  • You prefer to crowdsource free groups, or learn free from YouTube rather than get real, actionable strategy from experts.
  • You’re not interested in growing and scaling your business.
  • You like to move slowly and see a delayed return on your (time and money) investment.
  • You're a bit whiney, complain-y, and think you've already tried it all...

Happy Flyer Feedback

"It's hard to pick a favourite thing about Flight Club. Honestly, it's opened my eyes up to so many areas of the business that I needed to work on but I hadn't even considered. I would just say go for it. There's so much to get out of it and so much that will help your business"

~ Sally

"To be honest I wasn't sure about signing up...I had to really think about the investment and whether I'd get a return on my investment. But it's exceeded my expectations."


"I kind of had it in my head before I started that this was make or break... Now 6 months after joining I'm busier than I've ever been... Now it's like a tap has been turned on."

~ Rebekah


I'm Kat,

A fellow small business owner, with a heart to help you grow your business...

I had always worked in sales and marketing, but I became an online trainer and entrepreneur by accident back in 2010, when I started a blog during "nap-times", while I had a newborn and a two year old. 

Within a year I had "accidentally" made a name for myself and I had started consulting to other bloggers and creatives about how to grow an online blog and brand. 

The problem with that business was that I had not set out to create a sewing, blogging and design business, and I just wasn't passionate about doing it for the long term. So I closed that business in 2013 when my youngest daughter started pre-school, and returned to working in small business sales and marketing. 

I started The Helpful Academy back in 2015 because I love to teach people what I've learned during two decades in business, and I'm passionate about making business support affordable and accessible.

Fast forward a few years and I've now launched over 40 business courses and helped over 1000 businesses grow their businesses more effortlessly.

I’ve been in your shoes, and know how overwhelming it can be to learn all the different facets to running a business (while still mostly working IN the business).

I look forward to sharing my tips and tricks with you, to help you 'take flight' more profitably and more effortlessly!

Why I created Flight Club...

I was once in your shoes!

• Determined but stuck
• Working all the hours
• Not getting the sales I wanted (or needed!)
• Trying to do everything myself and getting tied up in knots

So what changed?

I realised that spending hours on Google teaching myself how to do everything wasn’t actually getting me anywhere fast! #falseeconomymuch

I then spent about $80,000 over 3 years learning and being coached by some of the world’s top mentors.

But, that isn't a practical solution for most people!

That's why The Helpful Academy is the resource I wish I had when I started!

It would have saved me tens of thousands of dollars, years of learning, YouTubing and trial and error...

In a word I'd describe Flight Club as invaluable. I knew I needed to learn a lot. But it taught me where the gaps were in my knowledge and what I didn't even know I needed to know. I hesitated because it's a lot to invest in my business, but I'd do it again in a heartbeat.

~ Sharon

What's inside Flight Club?

At The Helpful Academy, we don't just want to only give you the strategy and let you figure out how to implement it for yourself. What makes us so different is that we also show you "the how"!

The In-Flight Framework™ online content will take you through 6 steps of how to grow your business profits with ease.


Before you begin, you'll take my signature In-Flight Business Audit™.

This will give you an easy to digest, colour-coded report identifying what's working well, and where the opportunities for improvement are. You'll then use your Audit Report as your benchmark, to measure your progress and growth against throughout the process.

The pre-start audit gives you the clarity you need, to prioritise what matters most to your unique business.

STEP 1. Cultivate a High-Flyer Mindset

In business, your mindset and time management are everything! If you believe you can, you can, and if you believe you can't, it'll prevent you from taking the action you need to make your business a success.

In this step 1 we will:
  • Set your mindset up for success using the French-Burgess Belief Change Project
  • Set your days/weeks up to maximise your genius energy, and ensure you're working on the highest value tasks first with The Time Management Project.
  • We'll also ensure that you're looking after your health like a High-Flyer, so that you can sustain your energy for the long-haul.

STEP 2. Identify Your Destination

It's one thing to want your business to FLY, but to achieve your goals you need to know where you're flying TO.

In Step 2 we're all about defining your own destination:
  • Your brand is SO much more than your logo and colours! The Brand Identity Project will help you clarify what you want for your brand, your brand values, who you serve, what problems they have that you solve, your key offerings, and then how you want your brand to look / feel.
    This will help you create a magnetic brand, to attract your dream customers.
  • Setting business goals can be intimidating. But, it doesn't have to be. 
    The Goals Project gives you a very quick template to follow, to clarify what success actually looks like to you, so that we can work backwards and help you take the action required to achieve it!

STEP 3. Check Your Business Has Enough Fuel

This is the step I find most business owners have missed when they come to me.

Growing sales and revenue is awesome, but not if you can't afford to pay yourself, or if you're burning out!

In Step 3 you'll ensure your business doesn't run out of fuel mid-flight, so that you can confidently (and profitably) fly for the long-haul: 
  • The Money Lingo Project will ensure you can confidently understand and talk about "all the money stuff" in your business without feeling ashamed or "silly".
  • The Business Budget Project will quickly show you your minimum operating costs. So that you know how much your business costs to run.
  • The Pricing Project will ensure your pricing is profitable, and identify how many packages or products you need to sell to cover your minimum operating costs, cost of goods sold AND your dream take home income.
  • And because managing cashflow is such an essential part of running a business, we'll also help you manage your money resourcefully using The Profit First Project.

In the words of monopoly, to skip Step 3 is to "not pass go and collect your money honey".

STEP 4. Create a Travel Plan

By now you'll know where you want to go, and that you can afford your flight.
It's time to create your itinerary!

Step 4 is where my signature Sell Without Selling System comes in:
  • The Sell Without Selling System will help you design and optimise your ideal customer pathway, so that you can provide an amazing experience for your customers and more effortlessly scale your sales.
  • The Profitable Pathway Calculator will help you predict how much profit you can make through your system, to understand what it will take to achieve your goal.
  • Lastly, The Know Your Numbers Project will teach you your magic marketing metrics so you can confidently know where your system is or isn't performing well, and make adjustments accordingly.

STEP 5. Build Your Airline (Business Assets)

Now you have the confidence in what you need, and a plan, it's time to build (or refine) all the assets you need to help you achieve your goals.

In Step 5 we'll tweak your existing business assets to reflect your customer pathway, or build any parts you don't already have.

Such as your: 

  • Website / shop
  • Email marketing
  • Social Media
  • Other marketing
  • Booking process (services only)
  • And your operational processes

STEP 6. Time to Fly - Let's go...

You did it, you're there - by now you've laid the foundations to build a profitable business and it's time to scale!

It's time to focus on creating a promotion plan and getting your business more visible, so that you can enjoy a steady stream of new leads into your business each and every day.

Step 6 content includes:
  • The Promotion Plan Project to help you create a really focused plan for driving sales
  • The Visibility Project to help you get your promotion seen by more people
  • The Master Email Marketing Project to help you effectively nurture your leads and customers by email, (improving the lifetime value of your customers)
  • The Social Marketing Project, helping you harness the power of social media to attract more customers.
  • FB Ads Success Project, helping you scale your sales using Facebook® ads.

And more!
To make getting eyeballs on your business a no brainer.

And there's still more!

In addition to the 6-step program, you'll find a BONUS library of additional tech tutorials and resources to help you if you need them. For example:

The Trello Masterclass

Every business needs a project management system. Trello is my favourite FREE tool, to help you manage your projects and to-do list with ease...

The Google Suite Project

This project will help you set up file sharing, your calendar, your email, your browser and so.much.more, so that you can utilise the power (and affordability!) of Google for Business.

The Canva Confidence Project

Every business needs beautiful branded images and documents for their sales and marketing. This project is about so much more than "just" using Canva confidently. It will also help you create brand style guidelines, and beautiful designs in minutes.

BUT - this isn't one of those courses you buy, only to get forgotten and gather dust in a corner of the internet!

Flight Club comes with in-built support and accountability, to help you take small, consistent weekly action:

Fortnightly Group Coaching

Fortnightly group coaching calls with Kat via Zoom will guide you through the 6-step In Flight Framework, providing ongoing support and accountability. The calls are perfectly spaced to give you plenty of time to implement your plans.

($3,900 value)

Private Members Group

I know you’ll have questions outside our calls, so you’ll have business-day access to me in the private member’s Facebook group. Here I’ll provide accountability and answer any additional questions so that you won’t lose momentum.

($2,000 value)

90 Day Planning Sessions

Every quarter we'll meet together and create your 90 Day Plan, in 90-minutes. This will ensure you're taking the most focused actions, to support you in reaching to your destination.

($1,000 value)

Monthly Numbers Success Club Calls

Numbers are everything when it comes to helping you achieve your plan. But, they can be intimidating and overwhelming. So, each month we'll meet together to complete your monthly number tracker, review what's working well, and what needs improvement next month.

($2,400 value)

Real People's Real results...

Choose the version best for you...

I know how busy you are! So, the In-Flight Framework™ online program is separated by business type to avoid wasting any time looking at content which doesn't apply to your business model!

Simply choose the version which best applies to you, and it will only contain information which is relevant to your type of business...


Is best suited to you if you have an online store or product based business.


Is best suited to you if you provide services, or have leveraged digital products.

Flight Club is currently closed for new members:

Join the waitlist to be notified when the next flight is boarding...

money back
100% Satisfaction-Guarantee.

Flight Club doesn't succeed unless you succeed. So, if you feel like Flight Club isn't the right fit for you, contact us within 30 days for a full refund and cancellation of your membership.

After those first 30 days you're stuck with us though. Which I think you'll find is a very good thing ;)

Got Questions? I've got answers...


No, definitely not. Whether you've been in business 2 months, or 20 years, if your business is not as profitable as you want it to be, the 6-step In-Flight Profitable Framework™ is designed to help you improve your profitability and achieve your business goals.

What type of business is this PROGRAM for?

The beauty of the In-Flight Framework™ online program is that it's separated out by business type. So, take the E-Commerce version if you're a products based business with an online shop, and take the Services version if you have a service-based business such as coaching, freelancing, health or other professional services OR you have digital products such as courses and memberships.


Flight Club is a registered service with the Regional Business Partner Network. New Zealand businesses who fit the criteria can apply for funding for up to 6 months of the program. Contact us for more information or to help you with the funding process.

How much time will I need available to implement this?

Great question and I'm glad you asked! Flight Club is a doing club which is designed to help you get maximum return on your investment by enabling you to grow your business faster. In order for this to happen, you will have things to implement in your business in between calls.

Your Flight Club investment will work best for you if you have a minimum of 2-3 hours + per week on average available to work on your business.
(Some of the work you'll already be doing anyway!)

How long are the calls and what are the call times?

The fortnightly calls will be for 60 minutes each call. During the call there will be a training slot and then time set aside for questions, to review progress.

The calls take place on a Thursday during standard New Zealand school hours of 9am-3pm (although some calls may fall in school holidays).

What if I can't make the calls - will they be recorded?

Yes, all the calls are recorded. If you can't make the call you can submit your questions on the call-log prior to the call and Kat will answer them in the call (or in the Facebook group). Then, you can watch the recording.

I have kids - will the call times be during school hours?

Yes, many of our Flyers are parents of school aged children (including Kat!). Therefore, calls will be held during school hours.

However, some calls may fall inside School holidays.

Do you guarantee I'll get results?

Unfortunately this is impossible to do. Your individual results will vary depending on:

• How quickly and effectively you put in place what you learn inside Flight Club
• Your industry
• Your brand strength
• The size of your existing audience
• Your customer service
• Your product

What I can say though, is that we've seen success using these techniques and strategies in hundreds of businesses. We've had clients 5 or 10 x their revenue in one month. Or add hundreds of new subscribers in a day. Or make their quarter revenue goal in the first few weeks of the quarter.

So we know that the In-Flight Framework™ 6-step method creates success!

What is your refund policy?

Flight Club isn't for everyone. If you feel it's not the right fit for you in the first 30 days, contact us for a full refund and cancellation of your membership.

If life happens after this time (as we know from experience that things change) and you are no longer able to participate live in the coaching program, then you're able to put your membership on pause for up to 2 months, upon written request.

love for FLIGHT CLUB + Kat's coaching

Here are some of the success stories we've worked with in the past

Hear Sally's Experience:

"It's hard to pick a favourite thing about Flight Club. Honestly, it's opened my eyes up to so many areas of the business that I needed to work on but I  hadn't even considered."

"I would just say go for it. There's so much to get out of it and so much that will help your business"

Hear Vicky's Experience:

"To be honest I wasn't sure about signing up...I had to really think about the investment and whether I'd get a return on my investment. But it's exceeded my expectations."

Hear Rebekah's Experience:

"I kind of had it in my head before I started that this was make or break... Now 6 months after joining I'm busier than I've ever been... Now it's like a tap has been turned on."

Hear Sharon's Experience:

"In a word I'd describe Flight Club as invaluable. I knew I needed to learn a lot. But it taught me where the gaps were in my knowledge and what I didn't even know I needed to know."

"I hesitated because it's a lot to invest in my business, but I'd do it again in a heartbeat."

Hear Desiree's Experience:

"I haven't had time yet to implement everything that I've been given. But I've learnt so many things that have already helped progress things... I'm definitely already seeing changes.

There are so many different things I've loved. What I've enjoyed seeing is that there are so many different businesses that are involved in Flight Club but that it caters for everyone. And all the support you get. It definitely makes you feel much less alone as a Business Owner."

If you've read this far

You've got really two options...

Continue to spend time and money trying to figure it out on your own...
Or, finally have a proven system for growing a profitable business, so that you can start spending more time doing what you love, increase your impact AND your income.

Imagine where you could be just one month from now (let alone 12!)...

  • You're ready to know exactly what it will take to confidently achieve your business goals.
  • You're ready to stop stop working so hard for such a little return.
  • You're ready to start following a proven step-by-step system that will help you go further faster.
  • You're ready for a way to create more impact by helping more customers.
  • You're ready for a way to get there with less stress, less overwhelm, more fun and more profits!
You're ready for Flight Club.
Flight Club with Kat Soper The Helpful Academy