Finally, a system you can follow to accelerate your business growth!

Inside Flight Club - For Services and Course Creators you'll get everything you need to create and scale your business so that you can stop feeling overwhelmed and start seeing results..

It’s frustrating when you’re working so hard on your business,
but not getting the results you want!

But how do you change the cycle?

  • Create a customer pathway, designed to attract and convert more of your dream clients or students
  • Learn where your existing pathway is letting you down
  • Follow proven systems to improve it and get results
  • And get training and coaching to help you get results more easily!

Introducing Flight Club for Services + Course Creators

Flight Club is the business co-pilot you wish you always had! 

No longer do you need to go around in frustrated circles wondering what on earth to do next. My step-by-step Take Flight Framework is there to hold your hand, walk beside you, and help you accelerate your momentum,

Hi, I'm Kat

I was once in your shoes!

• Determined but stuck
• Working all the hours
• Not getting the sales I wanted (or needed)
• Trying to do everything myself and getting tied up in knots

What changed?

I realised that spending hours on Google teaching myself how to do everything wasn’t actually getting me anywhere fast. #falseeconomymuch

So instead, I spent about $80,000 over the last 3 years learning and being coached by some of the world’s top mentors to get where I am today.

But I think you may agree:

Spending a cool eighty grand, and 3 years of my life, (ahem, not to mention learning on the job with dozens of clients) isn’t an ideal solution either!

Introducing Flight Club!

Your affordable and time-efficient solution to growing your sales

Flight Club is the coaching program I wish I had when I started!

Because not only could it have saved me eighty grand – but when I imagine where my business could be today if I had done it right from the beginning - to be honest it doesn't bear thinking about.

The great news is – that it exists for you (and at a fraction of the price!)

Here's what you'll get with a Flight Club membership...

Extensive online training

I’ve worked out all the essentials you need to build your Customer Pathway and bundled it all into one easy-to-implement program. Set your goals, design your plan, learn and implement the most efficient systems.

Private members group

I know you’ll have questions outside our calls, so you’ll have business-day access to me in the private members Facebook group. Here I’ll provide accountability and answer any additional questions so that you won’t lose momentum.

Fortnightly group coaching

Fortnightly group coaching calls with Kat via Zoom will guide you on how to build your Customer Pathway. We’ve spaced this over your membership to specifically give you plenty of time to implement!

Free access to all other Success Clubs

I know that though out some areas of your Customer Pathway build, you’ll benefit from additional support. For this reason I’ve designed Success Clubs where you'll enjoy additional calls and support with specific things.

Happy Flyer Feedback

Kat, I have to say thank you! I have got so so much out of the calls this week (the Flight Club one and the Website Success Call)!

#celebrate I got started with my Easter promo early. The first email went out last night to my newsletter peoples and I’ve already sold some!
#plansdowork #plansworkifyouwork

You take the overwhelm away in a fun, down to earth way!

You'll complete 3 separate phases with Flight Club,

To nail your Customer Journey so you can sell MORE, more easily!


Phase 1: Set your strategy

Lay your foundations and create your plan


PHASE 2: Build your pathway

Build out the bits you need so that you can get more client bookings or sell more courses.


PHASE 3: grow your sales

The foundation has been laid - now it's time to get visible and promote your business, so that you can scale your business.


The Take Flight Program has been purpose built to flow as one journey, and includes the following online training to help you build your business with ease:

But no need to get overwhelmed thinking you have to do it all. The content is only there if it helps you. Kat will guide you with which bits to do when to help you with your own unique business goals...

Yay, I'm Excited You're Here! Let's Get Started...

The Getting Started Project


Project Duration


Your Getting Started Guide

Join The Facebook Members Lounge

Download and Save The Flight Club Calendar

Download and Save the Flight Club Flyer Guidebook

Request to Join (or access) The Call Log

How to Book Kat for Extra One-on-One Support If Needed

Here are 6 Tips to Help You Get The Most From Flight Club

The Strategy Phase: Planning Your Destination

Introduction To The Strategy Phase


Laying Strong Foundations For Your Flight

The Goals Project


Project Duration

Download The Goals Project Workbook

Choosing Your Destination...

Writing Your Future Vision

Choosing Your Power Words

The Audit Project


Project Duration

Take the 10 Minute Pre-Flight Audit

Take The 6 Month Audit Workbook

Take The 12 Month Audit Workbook

The Brand Identity Project


Project Duration

What is a Brand Identity and why is one so important?

Download The Brand Identity Project Workbook

What Is Your Brand Vision?

What Are Your Brand Values?

Who Are Your Dream Customers?

What Are Your Key Offerings?

What Is Your Brand Style?

What next?

The Profitable Pathway Project (The Sell Without "Selling" System)


Project Duration

Let's Get Started...

Download The Services Workbook

What is a Customer Pathway and WHY is it the secret to your sales success?

Your Big Picture – For Services

Making Your Plan A Reality - The 7 Elements You Need To Built To Supersize The Success Of Your New Plan

The Sell on AutoPilot Map – Detailed Plan

Scaling Your Sales Using Your New (or Improved) System

The Know Your Numbers Project


Project Duration

Download the Know Your Numbers Workbook)

What Numbers Do We Need to Know?

Why Are These Worth Our Time?

Which Numbers Are Most Important To Improve?

How and How OFTEN Should We Measure Them?

How Do We Know if Our Numbers Are Any Good?

How Can We IMPROVE Our Numbers?

Your Next Steps...

BONUS: Sales Calculator – Work out the Small Difference Tweaks Will Make To Your Business

The Build Phase: Building What You Need to Take Flight

The Planning Project


Project Duration

Introduction to the Planning Resources

Reviewing The Last 90 Days

Planning your next 90 days

The Get Booked Project


Project Duration

Download The Get Booked Workbook

Getting Started

Set Your Strategy

Set Up Your Systems

Design Your Follow Up System

Validate and Refine Your Offer

The Pimp My Website Project


Project Duration

Introduction – Start Here

Getting Clear on Your Desired Result

The Anatomy of a High-Converting Website

Optimising Your Website For Search Engines

Time to Review and Edit Your Website

The Write Your Site Project


Project Duration

Write Your Site – For Services

The Lead Magnet Project


Project Duration

Download The Lead Magnet Project Workbook

Setting Your Strategy

Planning Your Content

Download the Free Canva Lead Magnet Template

Overview Of The Set Up Steps

Setting Up Using Active Campaign (most recommended option)

Setting Up Using Mailerlite

Setting Up Using MailChimp

Testing Everything Works

The Customer Nurture Project


Project Duration

Let’s Plan To Give Your Customers An Exceptional Experience

The Happy Repeat Customer Project


Project Duration

What Other Problems Can You Help Your Customers Solve?

The Grow Phase: It's Time To Fly

The Promotion Project


Project Duration

What is a Promotion Plan and why is it important to have one?

Setting Your Timeframe

Getting Clear On Your WHY

Completing the WHO

Choosing the WHAT

Planning the HOW

Reviewing Your Success

The Visibility Project


Project Duration

Getting Started With Visibility

Your Marketing Overview

Planning Your Marketing Channels

Planning Your Destinations

Your Primary Offerings

Planning Your Content

What Next?

The Email Marketing Project


Project Duration

Your Email Marketing Plan

Choosing Your Email System (If you haven’t already got one)

Designing Your Plan

Sending Your First Email

Automated Emails

Ongoing Email Marketing Success

The Social Marketing Project


Project Duration

Your Social Marketing Plan

What Platforms Should You Use?

When and How Often Should You Post?

Creating Your Content

How Do You Post?

Enjoy + Engage

Ongoing Social Marketing Domination

The SEO Project


Project Duration

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

The Facebook Ads Project


Project Duration

Step 1: Understand Facebook Ads

Step 2: Set Your Strategy

Step 3: Design your Ads

Step 4: HOW to Setup Your Ads

Step 5: Ongoing Facebook Ads Success

Additional Resources

Helpful Links and Templates


Email Sequence Planner

Copy the Customer Pathway Canva Template

90 Day Planning Trello Template

Download the Lead Magnet Template in Canva

Sales Predictor Calculator

The Active Campaign Project


Project Duration

Welcome to our Active Campaign Service!

Contact Active Campaign Support – including phone and live chat

Access The Active Campaign Getting Started Hub + Checklist

Take The Active Campaign Getting Started Course

Register for The Accelerated Onboarding Webinar

Reserve your free 30 minute 1:1 with an Active Campaign support crew

Join and bookmark the Active Campaign community

Get the Active Campaign Team to Migrate Your Data For You

Access the DIY Migration Guide

Need help with Billing? Here’s how to contact us…

Bookmark Your Account URL

Learn The Active Campaign Terminology

Learn Your Way Around The Main Active Campaign Dashboard

Fill out Your Basic Account Settings

Set Up Any Integrations You Need – e.g. Woo Commerce, Shopify

Set Up Your Lists

Set Up Your Tags

Set Up Your Fields

Adding Your Contacts

Set Up Contact Scoring

Create Your Main Email Templates

Turn Off Double Opt In (optional)

The Canva Confidence Project


Project Duration

Introduction to Canva

Getting Confident Using Canva

Organising Your Designs

Additional Canva Features / Tips


Download the Lead Magnet Template in Canva

The Google Drive Project


Project Duration

How to Install and Use Google Drive

The Trello Project


Project Duration

Intro to Trello

The Boards Every Business Needs

Advanced Features

The Original Trello Masterclass

The Mailerlite Project


Project Duration

What is Mailerlite and how can it help you grow your business?

Let’s Set Up Mailerlite

Get Confident Using Mailerlite

The Wordpress Project


Project Duration

How to Add Google Analytics To Your Website

Coaching Calls + Call Recordings

Join a Call


Click here to Join a Coaching Call

Access The Call Log


Fill out the Call Log Prior to Each Coaching Call

2021 Call Recordings


8 Dec 2020 Call Recording - Welcome to Flight Club

21 January 2021 90 Day Planning Session

21 January 2021 Coaching Call

1 Feb 2021 Numbers Success Club

4 February Coaching Call - Customer Pathway Session

10 February 2021 Planning Success Club Recording

18 February Coaching Call – Guest Speaker Rose Taylor talks about Know Your Accounting Reports

18 February Customer Pathway Workshop

4 March Coaching Call - Guest Speaker Vicky Evans talking about Overwhelm

18 March Coaching Call - Marketing Audit

1 April 2021 Coaching Call Recording

14 April 2021 90 Day Planning Session

17 April Coaching Call - How to monetise Instagram with Ellen

29 April 2021 Coaching Call - Going back to WHY, keeping things simple, Promoting your business

13 May 2021 - Introduction to Google Ads with Daisy Digital

27 May 2021 - Coaching Call - Table of Value + PR

10 June 2021 - Coaching Call - Belief Change Workshop

15 June 2021 - Active Campaign and Advanced Tagging

24 June 2021 - Coaching Call - Part 2 of Belief Change with Michelle

6 July 2021 - Planning Success Club Call Recording

8 July 2021 - Coaching Call Recording

22 July 2021 Coaching Call - Brand Identity

5 August 2021 - Coaching Call Recording

2 September 2021 - Coaching Call Recording

16 September 2021 - Coaching Call Recording

22 September 2021 - 90 Day Planning Session

30 September 2021 - Coaching Call - Low Ticket Offers

14 October 2021 - Coaching Call - Visibility, Numbers, and The Sales Predictor Calculator

19 October 2021 - Promotion Success Club Call 1

26 October 2021 - Promotion Success Club Call 2

28 October 2021 - Coaching Call Recording

25 November 2021 - Coaching Call Recording

But you won’t have to feel guilty ever again about buying online training you’ll never do!

I’ll be there to help when you get stuck and keep you accountable!

How good will it feel to have someone hold your hand and teach you all the 'how'?

The fortnightly calls are designed to give you manageable, regular support. And if you have any questions in between the calls, you can ask Kat any time inside the private Facebook Members Only Club

Your Flight Club Investment...

No need to bounce around in circles anymore, getting frustrated with conflicting advice.
Have a plan laid out for you that you can follow step-by-step. Saving you time, money and most importantly - allowing you to grow your business faster!


Paid in 6 x monthly payments of $300




  • Fortnightly Group Coaching Calls – valued at $1,950
  • 6 Months of Access to the Take Flight Framework online content valued at over $3,000
  • Success Clubs valued at over $1,250
  • 2 x Quarterly Planning Sessions valued at $294
  • Weekly Accountability Emails valued at $260

Total value: $8,994
You save: $7,194


12 month Membership

Paid in 12 x monthly payments of $300




  • Fortnightly Group Coaching Calls – valued at $3,900
  • Lifetime access to the Take Flight Framework online content valued at over $6,000
  • Success Clubs valued at over $2,500
  • 4x Quarterly Planning Sessions valued at $588
  • Weekly Accountability Emails valued at $520

PLUS the 12-month bonuses

1 x 60 minute 1:1 Customer Pathway and Marketing Audit with Kat valued at over $600

Total value: $16,708
You save: $13,108

Looking for more than group support?

Many of our flyers love to have one-to-one, personalised support in addition to the group membership. For this reason we have developed a Flight Club Plus membership.

This premium membership comes with monthly one-to-one coaching and weekly accountability from Kat, in addition to all of the awesome group benefits...


Paid in 12 x monthly payments of $800




  • Fortnightly Group Coaching Calls – valued at $3,900
  • Lifetime access to the Take Flight Framework online content valued at over $6,000
  • Success Clubs valued at over $2,500
  • 4x Quarterly Planning Sessions valued at $588
  • Weekly Accountability Emails valued at $520

PLUS the 12-month bonuses

1 x 60 minute 1:1 Customer Pathway and Marketing Audit with Kat valued at over $600

PLUS the premium benefits:

Monthly 60-minute one-to-one coaching session with Kat, unlimited
work review and weekly accountability valued at $6000

Total value: $22,108
You save: $12,508

money back
100% Satisfaction-Guarantee.

Flight Club doesn't succeed unless you succeed. So, if you feel like Flight Club isn't the right fit for you, contact us within 30 days for a full refund and cancellation of your membership.

love for Kat's coaching

Here are some of the success stories we've worked with in the past

Hear Sally's Experience:

"It's hard to pick a favourite thing about Flight Club. Honestly, it's opened my eyes up to so many areas of the business that I needed to work on but I  hadn't even considered."

"I would just say go for it. There's so much to get out of it and so much that will help your business"

Hear Vicky's Experience:

"To be honest I wasn't sure about signing up...I had to really think about the investment and whether I'd get a return on my investment. But it's exceeded my expectations."

Hear Rebekah's Experience:

"I kind of had it in my head before I started that this was make or break... Now 6 months after joining I'm busier than I've ever been... Now it's like a tap has been turned on."

Hear Sharon's Experience:

"In a word I'd describe Flight Club as invaluable. I knew I needed to learn a lot. But it taught me where the gaps were in my knowledge and what I didn't even know I needed to know."

"I hesitated because it's a lot to invest in my business, but I'd do it again in a heartbeat."

Hear Desiree's Experience:

"I haven't had time yet to implement everything that I've been given. But I've learnt so many things that have already helped progress things... I'm definitely already seeing changes.

There are so many different things I've loved. What I've enjoyed seeing is that there are so many different businesses that are involved in Flight Club but that it caters for everyone. And all the support you get. It definitely makes you feel much less alone as a Business Owner."


How long are the calls and what are the call times?

The fortnightly calls will be for 60 minutes each call. During the call there will be a training slot and then time set aside for questions, to review progress.

The calls take place on a Thursday during standard New Zealand school hours of 9am-3pm (although some calls may fall in school holidays).

What type of business is this course for?

This program is awesome for service-based businesses, particularly if you'd like to develop an online product or products.

It's also awesome for E-commerce businesses.

What if I can't make the calls - will they be recorded?

Yes, all the calls will be recorded. If you can't make the call you can submit your questions to Kat prior to the call and she'll answer them in the call (or in the Facebook group). Then, you can watch the recording.

How many people will be part of Flight Club?

Flight Club will be limited to under 100 members.

How much time will I need available to implement this?

Great question and I'm glad you asked! Flight Club is a doing club which is designed to help you get maximum return on your investment by enabling you to grow your business faster. In order for this to happen, you will have things to implement in your business in between calls.

Your Flight Club investment will work best for you if you have a minimum of 2-3 hours + per week on average available to work on your business.
(Some of the work you'll already be doing anyway)

Do you guarantee I'll get results?

Unfortunately this is impossible to do. Your individual results will vary depending on:

• How quickly and effectively you put in place what you learn inside Flight Club
• Your industry
• Your brand strength
• The size of your existing audience
• Your customer service
• Your product

What I can say though, is that we've seen success using these techniques and strategies in hundreds of businesses. We've had clients 5 x their revenue in one month. Or add hundreds of new subscribers in a day. Or make their quarter revenue goal in the first few weeks of the quarter.

So we know that creating a highly tuned Customer Pathway creates success.

I have kids - will the call times be during school hours?

Yes, many of our Flyers are parents of school aged children (including Kat!). Therefore, calls will be held during school hours.

However, some calls may fall inside School holidays.

What is your refund policy?

Flight Club isn't for everyone. If you feel it's not the right fit for you in the first 30 days, contact us for a full refund and cancellation of your membership.

If life happens after this time (as we know from experience that things change) and you are no longer able to participate live in the coaching program, then you're able to put your membership on pause for up to 2 months, upon written request.


I'm Kat

The Helpful Academy is the resource I WISHED I had back when I started my business!

I’ve been in your shoes, and know how overwhelming it can be to learn all the different facets to running a business (while still mostly working IN the business)

Now over a decade later, it’s a joy to share all the shortcuts and cheats that I’ve learned with you during my time in business.

What makes me happiest about our Academy, are the transformations that I get to see happen every day inside our online school from our students, because we help them save time and earn more money.

I look forward to getting to know you and your business, and helping you grow your dream too!

As seen in...