Looking for a business coach that just 'gets you'?

A co-pilot to hold your hand, help you save time, money AND cut through the overwhelm?

I'd love to help you take your business from "Ho Hum" to "Holy Crap - I'm FLYING..."


Watch your business take flight with actions that make a real difference.


Laser-focus on the actions you need to be taking rather than getting distracted


Spend time with us, and get the strategy you need to make your business FLY

It’s frustrating when you’re working so hard on your business, but not getting the results you want!

You know you're ready for help with more than a one-off project. You're ready to roll your sleeves up and achieve a transformation.

Our purpose-built In-Flight Framework™ program is the co-pilot you wish you always had!

Make every minute count towards getting the results you want, with a combination of step-by-step templates alongside one-on-one focused support…

I have been working with Kat for over a year now and my business has grown rapidly! Our sessions have kept me accountable, motivated and have been a valuable investment in growing my business. 

I highly recommend The Helpful Academy.

- Emma Brown


I'm Kat,

A fellow business owner, with a heart to help you grow your business...

I’ve been in your shoes, and know how overwhelming it can be to learn all the different facets to running a business (while still mostly working IN the business).

Having worked with hundreds of small business owners like yourself, and with almost 20 years business experience, I've learnt a short-cut or two.

I started The Helpful Academy back in 2015 because I'm passionate about making business support affordable and accessible.

I look forward to sharing my tips and tricks with you through my Take Flight Program, to help you grow your business more effortlessly!

As seen in...

Introducing our Flight Club Plus 1:1 Coaching Program...

We've designed Flight Club Plus with the best of all the bits - so you can maximise results (while minimising your investment)!

It has the convenience of step-by-step online training and templates, community and collaboration of group coaching, with the personalised focus of one-to-one support. 

Delivered over 12-months, it's our most comprehensive package to support you in getting long term growth!

Here are the key components...

Lifetime access to the In-Flight™ content

I know you're here looking for more than online courses, but hear me out...

By utilising the online In-Flight Framework™ online program, it allows us to maximise our time together and supersize your momentum (not to mention stretch your dollar further!).

Personalised In-Flight Plan™

At the beginning of our time together we'll meet, get clear on all your goals, and craft you a personalised plan.

See your real-time to-do list and checklists in our shared project management system. You can even access this easily with your phone app.

Regular one-to-one meetings

Once you've got your personalised plan, we'll meet regularly for accountability, implementation and troubleshooting.

Sometimes these will be fortnightly, sometimes these will be monthly. It just depends on you, and how much support you need at a time.

Unlimited work reviews

Finished a project and want a strategic set of eyes over it? No problem!

Whether it's a new website, email sequence, social campaign or course outline - whatever it is you've just created, send it over and I'll send back a video with my feedback.

Members only community

The cool thing about the In-Flight Framework™ is that while it's one-on-one coaching, it doesn't have to be just us...

Enjoy collaborating with other Flight Club members inside the private Facebook group.

Optional group coaching calls

As part of your Flight Club Plus membership, you also get free access to the fortnightly group coaching calls and all success clubs we run.

This includes:

• Fortnightly group coaching

• Monthly Numbers Success Club

• 90-Day Planning Success Club

Time to stop feeling overwhelmed and start seeing results!

I can't wait to be your co-pilot so you can stop wasting time and energy wondering what to do next...

Here's what you'll get with your Flight Club Plus Program:

  • Regular one-on-one coaching sessions with Kat for 12 months -  valued at $7,800
  • Unlimited work reviews for 12 months - priceless really! But let's value it at $4,000
  • Lifetime access to the In-Framework™ online content - valued at over $6,000
  • Lifetime access to the Flight Club Members only Facebook Group - valued at $2000
  • Optional Fortnightly Group Coaching Calls for 12 months – valued at $3,900
  • Weekly Accountability Emails for 12 months - valued at $520
  • 4 x Quarterly group 90-Day Planning Sessions valued at $588
  • 12 x Monthly Numbers Success Club Access - valued at $600


Stop freaking out and call Kat

" I was going around and around in frustrated circles trying to figure out how to launch a new service (or even if it was worth launching). Kat totally untangled it for me. I've made more money this month than the whole of the last year!"

Monique Doy

Dressing Up


So far the results really speak for themselves!

" It's so great to have clear actionable steps (fed to me in manageable stages) that I can easily implement. And WOW the results so far really speak for themselves."

Erica Wells

Anoint Skincare


I would highly recommend!

"Kat has helped me take my vision and transfer it into reality! I am super grateful for Kat's support, advice and hand-holding where needed. "

Tania Carr

The Coaching Hub &

The Recruitment Hub



What hours are the coaching calls available?

I'm available for coaching calls
8:30am - 3:00pm NZST Tuesday - Wednesday - Thursday
3:30pm - 4:30pm NZST Wednesday
Convert to your timezone here.

I want more one-to-one sessions than one per month, is that available?

Yes, absolutely. For most of our Take Flight clients, we find that with all the additional support available with the package, one good monthly session is adequate. 

However, if you have a particularly large project you want extra support for, additional sessions are available at our VIP rate of $230 per hour including GST. These can be purchased at any time in addition to your regular sessions.


We encourage you to only attend calls which are going to help you achieve your personalised plan faster. They're there as an additional resource for you for maximum support - but should never be a distraction or prevent you from spending your time taking action.

The main group coaching calls are on Thursdays at 1.30pm NZST and are for 60 minutes.
Numbers Success Club accountability calls are always the first Monday of the month at 10.30am NZST on a Monday. (I do recommend you attend these)
The 90 Day Planning Sessions are once per quarter at 9.30-11am on a Wednesday.

The other Success Club calls are only something you'd attend if you're actively working on the topic chosen, and need the additional support.

How will the Coaching calls take place?

We host all of our meeting using Zoom. The link to join the Zoom meeting can be found inside your booking confirmation email. All you need to do is click this link and follow the instructions provided.

If you've never used Zoom before, we recommend that you allow additional time prior to the meeting to download the app to make your viewing experience better and ensure you are on time to the meeting.

I'm also in Wellington - can we have our one-to-one calls in person?

Yes. In person coaching sessions are available for those willing to travel to Upper Hutt.


This is best for e-commerce or service-based small business owners who are looking to scale their business. 

It's perfect for online shop owners, freelancers, health professionals, coaches, course creators or consultants.


Great question and I'm glad you asked! Flight Club Plus is a doing club which is designed to help you get maximum return on your investment by enabling you to grow your business faster. In order for this to happen, you will have things to implement in your business in between our calls.

Your Flight Club investment will work best for you if you have a minimum of 2-3 hours + per week on average available to work on your business.
(Some of the work you'll already be doing anyway)

This isn't a get rich quick scheme. If you're not prepared to put in the work, this isn't the right fit for you.


Short answer - no. That would be silly.

Unfortunately this is impossible to do. Your individual results will vary depending on:

• How quickly and effectively you put in place what you learn inside Flight Club
• Your industry
• Your brand strength
• The size of your existing audience
• Your customer service
• Your product

What I can say though, is that we've seen success using these techniques and strategies in hundreds of businesses. We've had clients 5 x their revenue in one month. Or add hundreds of new subscribers in a day. Or make their quarter revenue goal in the first few weeks of the quarter.

So we know that our strategies work. 


Flight Club isn't for everyone. We get that.

We're not here to trap you into a 12-month membership if the fit isn't right for you! If you feel it's not the right program for you in the first 30 days, contact us and we'll cancel your membership. Your first month membership payment is however non-refundable, unless you haven't had any of the 1:1 sessions or support. 

If life happens after this time (as we know from experience that things change) and you need to pause your membership while you navigate your personal life, we can pause your membership for up to two months, extending the duration at the other end.

Want to have a chat first, to decide if the Flight Club Plus program is the best fit for you?

Let's have a virtual cuppa. Choose a time below and let's book a quick chat, so you can be sure the investment is best suited to your needs...

The Helpful Academy offers services which are registered with the Regional Business Partner Network

Small businesses (within New Zealand) may qualify for vouchers to help pay for services such as training workshops, courses and coaching. For more information contact us, your Growth Advisor, or check out www.regionalbusinesspartners.co.nz