Conquer your fear of Facebook Ads

and succeed using Facebook advertising to grow your business

Facebook can be a great way to grow your business. But many small business owners are scared away from using Facebook ads because it seems so complicated.

• Learn how to use Facebook Ads with confidence
• Attract new customers
• Send a Facebook ad campaign live with ease

Marketing on facebook is easier with someone to guide you!

• Set your ads strategy
• Build a campaign that works
• Measure your results

Courageously tackle the Facebook ads beast and tame it into a pussy cat.
Facebook Ads Success can be yours today!

What you’ll get

Kat Soper Head Trainer The Helpful Academy

Step by Step Video Training

Presented by Head Instructor, Kat Soper. Kat will take you step-by-step through setting your Facebook Ads strategy and setting up your campaigns

FB Ads Strategy Workbook Image

Fillable Workbooks and Templates

The fillable workbooks, templates and checklists will guide you, saving you time and overwhelm

Lifetime Course Access Alarm Clock

Lifetime Access

Finish at your leisure. You’ll get lifetime access and updates (because we know that Facebook love to change this up 😉)

What you’ll learn

    • How can Facebook Ads help you grow your business
    • Understanding the important lingo
    • Download your strategy workbook here
    • Setting your desired outcome
    • What is your BUDGET?
    • WHO are you advertising to?
    • WHAT are you offering? – Let’s get clear in your offer and customer pathway…
    • Download your ads planner here
    • Types of campaigns and which types are best for you?
    • What are adsets and what audiences do you need?
    • How to create scroll-stopping ads?
    • Download your setup checklist
    • The different parts of Facebook – which one do you need?
    • How to setup your Facebook pixel
    • How to understand, navigate and setup ads manager?
    • How to setup your ads
    • Before you edit any of your ads!!!
    • How to run re-marketing ads?
    • How to measure your success? – Understanding the FB Reports and Beta testing

Past Student Love 💗

Helen Jackson - FB Ads Success
Angela - Blog Your Socks Off
Mandy - blog your socks off magnetic marketings
Katrina Pace - Trello

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Whether you have dabbled in Facebook ads already, or you’re completely new, this course will help you master your ads strategy, set up a highly targeted campaign, and measure the results from day 1.

  • No. This course will help you with your strategy and how-to regardless of what type of business you have. The only businesses it will not be useful for are those types that are unable to advertise using Facebook due to Facebook’s terms – e.g. Multi-Level-Marketing, Tobacco, Weapons and Ammunition, Adults-only content, Political businesses etc.

  • Feeling the pinch? I get it! This course will teach you how to get the most out of ads for as little as a few dollars a day. Start or stop them whenever you want to manage your spend.

  • No. Unfortunately we cannot guarantee your ads will work.

    The success of your ads will depend on so many factors such as:
    • Your industry
    • How well you target your dream clients
    • The quality of your copy and images
    • The strength of your brand and products
    • Your social proof

    What we DO guarantee is that we show you how to measure your success from Day 1, and ways to use your success measures to figure out which part in the process isn’t working and needs refining.

  • I’m really confident that after taking this course you’ll be thinking of another r word… referral 😉
    However, if it doesn’t help you better understand how to run successful Facebook ads then contact us within 7 days and we’ll provide a refund.

Meet Your Instructor

Kat Soper Founder of The Helpful Academy

Kat Soper – Founder of The Helpful Academy

Hi, I’m Kat
I get up every day to help entrepreneurs such as yourself, achieve your goals and extraordinary results in your businesses.

I used to be scared by Facebook Ads. Business Manager was so confusing, I didn’t understand all the complicated jargon, and I was wasting my money.
So, I did loads of training and conquered my fear.

I’m SO pleased I did. Over the years I’ve seen first hand what a massive different Facebook Ads can make to helping businesses scale their sales.

I can’t wait to help you nail Facebook Ads!