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The BOSS Test:
I just took THIS and was really surprised how good it was. It does a full analysis of your business and gives you action steps to improve areas and create systems to streamline your biz.

Super impressive and I highly recommend it.” 

Kat Sullivan  |  Founder |  Marketing Solved

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I am very happy to recommend Kat

“I have been impressed both by Kat’s professionalism, and how easy she is to work with. She really knows her stuff, was able to give me practical advice on a number of technical questions…  I am very happy to recommend Kat to any small business owner looking for help in their business, and in building their brand.” 

Anna McKinlay  |  Coach  | Anna McKinlay Coaching

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I cannot recommend Kat highly enough

Kat is great to work with. Connecting via a 1-1 session was where Kat shared her expertise and understanding of business to help me realise the key steps and priorities,  I felt energised for action, and reassured with clear steps to streamline the areas that will make a real difference. I highly recommend the Helpful Brand and The BOSS Test to know exactly where your business stands now and where it needs to go.” 

Danie Muollo|  Co-Owner |  EDJE Strengths Associates

Kylie Haack

Kat's understanding of systems and processes is incredible

Kat is extremely knowledgeable and her understanding of improving systems and processes within a business is incredible. Her approach is direct and informative and I would most certainly recommend Kat. 

I look forward to trying her 12-month action plan which is incredible value for money!” 

Kylie Haack|  Owner |  Polished and Raw

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Tania Carr

Business owner can stay in their genius

Kat quickly understands the client’s needs, applying the latest tools, apps and techniques to ensure the business owner can stay in their genius and let go of all the support tasks that are necessary to keep the business running. Kat is professional, skilled and fun. ‘Helpful’ doesn’t even begin to describe what Kat offers her clients like me. She’s a right hand – and a whole brain and a great gal to boot!” 

Rosemary (Rosie) Killip  |  Founder  |  Building Networks NZ

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Highly recommended if you want to leverage your business

Kat from The Helpful Brand has a fantastic Business Test with a very clear report which shows you exactly where you need to focus your time and energy to improve your business from a systems and process perspective. The lengths Kat goes to to understand your business and then her skill in interpreting the report pinpoints exactly where you need to take action. I would highly recommend Kat from The Helpful Brand if you want to leverage your business in the next 12 months. .” 

Gaelene Adams Wood |  High Performance Coach |  Team Fusion

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Happy Customers

Complete the test... you will thank me

Kat just gets business and entrepreneurs at a level that most would love to. 
If you are operating at a profitable level and looking to grow but not sure why you’re not moving forward, then please connect with Kat, complete the test and then engage the services of this amazing mentor. You will thank me.” 

Terri Christine Billington  |  Founder  |  TCB Coaching

kirstyn campbell

Thank God for Kat Soper and her Coaching

This week has been frustrating seeing and experiencing how poorly the business is set up. From me doing it all myself and remembering it all – to sharing the load and still having mostly everything either in my head or Chads, it’s getting pretty frustrating and tough. Thank God for Kat Soper and her Boss test then coaching call to sort my stuff out and get on track like a real professional.”

Kirstyn Campbell |  KC Fit

Sarah from Kapiti Chocolate Factory
Marie Martin
Alana Steyn

I know what I need to focus on going forward

I recently took the BOSS Test and I was super impressed…
I also had a follow up strategy session with Kat to discuss the report and I’ve already come away feeling so much more positive about my business and what I need to do and focus on going forward. Kat is so lovely to work with, is full of great ideas and advice and really knows her stuff!” 

Alana Steyn |  Mud Mates


Very knowledgeable, helpful and efficient

I worked with Kat during the set up of my website and found her to be very knowledgeable, helpful and efficient with her time and energy. She really helped me work through the tricky back end set up but also with her keen eye for design detail gave me some really good feedback and tips on how to get my we page looking slick, I really appreciated her expert help as design OR web set up are not my areas of expertise. I am now working alongside Kat in another capacity and feel fortunate to do so.”” 

Jen Tyson  |  Jen Tyson Consulting

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Sally Harris

It made me think about areas of the business I might not focus on normally

“The BOSS Test was so simple to take. As the Operations Manager of the business rather than the business owner, it made me think about areas of the business I might not focus on normally. I really liked the end report, full of useful pointers to getting the business compliant. Wonderful service, I would highly recommend!””

Sally Harris |  Operations Manager |  Freedom Mobility


I cannot recommend Kat highly enough

Kat has far exceeded any expectations I had. Since starting with us, Kat has literally transformed the support arm of our business. She is multi talented in writing, marketing, design, IT, admin support and so so much more. She has removed the stress from my day to day life and for that I am truly grateful. I cannot recommend Kat highly enough.” 

Amanda Stevens |  Manager |  Ben Stevens Real Estate


Kat nails the things we can do to run our business more effectively

Kat and I have done training together, and her material is so useful and presented in a super-clear way. Participants really like her workbooks for their depth and precision. As her colleague, I have had lots of insights myself from her work, as she absolutely nails the small things and the big things we can do to run our business more effectively.” 

Brenda Ratcliff  |  Founder  |  MindMeld Coaching


Knowledgeable when it comes to business management

Kat is a very down-to-earth and personable presenter/facilitator; she can explain sometimes difficult concepts in a way that makes it easy to understand. She’s very tech-savvy, and knowledgeable when it comes to business management and what it takes to run a successful business. I have seen first-hand the huge impact Kat has had in helping clients turn their business around.” 

Sean Fitzgerald |  Owner|  Fitzgerald Chartered Accountants

I feel like my goals are now achievable

My one on one session with Kat helped me create goals to work towards in areas of my life that I feel less satisfied in. She helped me to come up with tangible steps I can take in order to reach these goals. Kat is a lovely person to speak to; she is warm, gracious, and open. After speaking to Kat I feel like my goals are achievable and I feel motivated to go out there and obtain them! Thank you.” 

Jess Botha 

Would highly recommend Kat.

Kat is amazing to work with. After a planning session with Kat about what our vision was and what we were after she went away and produced a very user-friendly website that looks great and totally fits our brand. The teaching videos she created for us were so helpful, now I can change and add things when needed. Always happy to answer questions and help us out when needed, Would highly recommended Kat. Looking forward to working with Kat again.” 

Charlotte Williams  |  Owner  |  Little Garden Markets

Seemed like a far-fetched dream... now a reality

Working from home, and more specifically finding a role that worked around my family seemed like a far-fetched dream… However, Kat’s coaching has made this a reality for me. I am now successfully managing to virtually assist my clients both from my own home and while out and about, providing me with much-needed income.” 

Melanie Zimmerman 

Kimberly Jane