Create strong branded content in a flash using Canva

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Want to create awesome graphics and files with ease?

Then this week’s app of the week is for you!

This month I’m teaching all about systematically creating a strong brand, so, for this week’s app I’ve chosen to feature Because it’s my favourite app for using to create really beautiful content in no time at all!

If you’re an established entrepreneur, chances are you already use Canva in your business. 

So, this week I’ve done things a little differently and have included a few extras for you:

✓ A behind the scenes look into my own Canva account
✓ Show you some best practice techniques
✓ Talk through the difference between the Free and Paid Canva accounts

If creating a strong brand is something you’re working on at the moment, I encourage you to watch ?

Try out Canva for yourself here

As an addition to this video, I’ve also created a Free Brand Checklist – 26 steps to take to creating a strong brand.

Download your free copy here


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