Flight Club

4 Modules 20 Chapters 90 Lessons Easy

About This Course

Let’s get you more leads and customers. It’s time to take Flight and get you the results you know you deserve!

What you'll learn...

3 Chapters

Start Here - Your Flight Club Resources

In this module you'll find:

  • Your Welcome Video
  • Call Information and Recordings
  • Essential Links and Resources

Your actions from this module are:

  • Join the FB Members Lounge
  • Download and print the Flyer Guidebook
  • Download and print the Flight Club Calendar
  • Bookmark the Call Log and the call link
  • Put all the call times in your diary
4 Chapters

The Strategy Phase: Planning Your Destination

This is where we plan where you WANT to head on your flight!
While it's tempting to get straight into building and changing things, it's very important we do this part first. Without planning your flight plan and destination, we might go in the wrong direction, take "long cuts" or go around in circles.
Instead, we're going to plan the shortest route to success ??

In this module you'll:

  • Set your goals
  • Plan your Profitable Customer Pathway
  • Learn how to know and track your numbers
  • Learn about Promotion Planning and create your first Promotion Plan

Do not move on from this phase until you:

  • Have set your revenue goals
  • Are clear in your business model / pathway
  • Know your numbers
  • Have created your first Promotion Plan
  • Are clear in what projects you need to build to support you in achieving your goals
10 Chapters

The Build Phase: Building What You Need to Take Flight

During the build phase, you'll work to build all the elements you need to support your business / pathway.

This is not a module you need to implement in order!
Work on the chapters in the priority they are to your business, to best help you achieve your goals.
ONLY use the content if it's going to help you achieve your goals. (There is no need to watch a section if you have that part covered!)

If in doubt, ask Kat what to prioritise inside the Members Lounge.

3 Chapters

Additional Resources

In this section you'll find other courses and resources which aren't specifically tied to your Customer Pathway, but will help you on your business journey none-the-less.

This area will be updated regularly with all new content I create that I think you'll find useful.