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STEP 4: Create a Travel Plan

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Create a strong marketing foundation and go and Catch Your Dream Client.

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The 3 Target Markets

Learn the 3 target markets and figure out which is most appealing to you.

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Learn The 3 Target Markets

The 7 Different Ways to Niche

The riches are in the niches... In this module we'll get you clear on your niche.

The 7 Different Ways to Niche

How to Avoid Niche Pitfalls

Frequently Asked Questions

Working Out Your Niche

Getting to Know and Finding Your Niche

How to Get The Most Out Of This Module

Getting to Know your Dream Client

Being Solution Focused

Where to Find More of Your Dream Customer

How to Speak Their Language and Get Noticed

What's next? Let's talk ongoing Marketing...

In this lesson you'll learn the most important marketing channels to have, and how to ensure you speak your ideal client's language across them.

How to Use This To Attract Your Dream Client

Now is the time to go and complete your marketing checklist

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Katrina Pace

Hi, I'm Katrina
Many business owners find it hard to consistently connect with people who need their help. As a copywriter, I help you clearly communicate so your message can be heard. So you can attract more clients and get on with changing lives.

I help Entrepreneurs and Small Business Owners connect with their clients, convert them into raving fans and transform their lives.

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