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STEP 5: Build Your Assets

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Grow your business with blogs. Learn how to plan and write blogs to get more customers.  This course will teach you how.

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Introduction - Why do I need a blog?

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How We Know Blogging is a Great Strategy and a Peak into a Successful Blog

Why Do You Need A Blog?

Setting Your Strategy

Download the Blog Your Socks Off Workbook

Setting Your Strategy

Planning Your Content

Planning Your Content

Copy the Blog Content Template in Trello

Your Content Workflow

Writing Your First Post

Let’s Get Started

Examples of High-Performing Posts

Setting Up Your Blog

Setting up your WordPress blog

Set up a SquareSpace blog

Set up a Wix blog

Optimising Your Blog for Search Engines

Without this component, the success of your blog will be limited. Learn all about keywords, featured images and optimising your blog.

Optimise Your Blog for SEO

SEO Optimisation Guide and Checklist

More SEO Resources You May Like


Marketing Your Blog

More Blogging Resources

Two Secret Weapons to Market Your Blog on Autopilot!

Converting Your Blog Visitors into Leads

How to Convert Your Visitors into Leads

About the Trainer

Iona Elwood-Smith

Hi, I’m Iona Elwood-Smith and love all things to do with websites. As a person who can’t work her phone my family find this hilarious.

My background is in strategy and business development and I fundamentally believe everyone should be online for their business to grow, which is why I created Grow My Business.

Grow my Business is a strategic web solutions company that build awesome websites (over 130 and counting!) for small businesses focused on - you guessed it - growing their business!

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