The Power of Positive Thinking: Why Your Money Mindset Matters for Small Business SurvivalWhether it’s a recession, a market correction, or some other form of financial upheaval, sudden drops in sales can be scary and stressful for small businesses. In these situations, it’s natural to feel a sense of scarcity: like resources are scarce, customers

From Scarcity to Abundance: How Shifting Your Mindset Can Help Your Small Business Fly Through Tough Times

Un-desperate measures for “desperate times” – 9 steps for ‘recession proofing’ your business…There is no denying that the post-pandemic world we are living in has led to some increased uncertainty and challenges for many small businesses. Whether it’s led to a recession in your country or not, it’s likely that at some point, you have, or

9 Steps For ‘Recession Proofing’ Your Business

Overwhelm is common in small business. In this article I cover 7 ways to avoid getting snowed under, feeling confident and in control instead.

7 ways to avoid getting ‘snowed in’ by your business