How to use email marketing to improve your business’s financial returns:Email marketing is one marketing channel that always sparks a lot of discussion amongst my clients and Flight Club coaching clients, because it’s one that small business owners are often hesitant to use in their business, for fear of annoying their prospects and customers.If I had

4 Ways To Use Email Marketing To Grow Your Profits

How to choose the right email marketing program for your business:Email is, by far, one of the most powerfully effective digital marketing channels around. It’s not only great for nurturing new leads through to becoming customers, but well-timed automated emails are also awesome for nurturing existing customers and enticing them back to purchase again. In previous

Which Email Marketing Platform Is Right For Your Business?

You’ve been told you need a Lead Magnet – but do you REALLY? How do they work and what role would in play in your business? This article explains all…

LEAD MAGNETS: Do You Really Need One? This Will Help You Decide…