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Ready to 10x your Productivity and Profit?

Awesome! Let’s make sure your business is set up to sustainably achieve that.

A business health check will show you the most important thing(s) you should work on first to help you achieve your growth goals.

The BOSS Business Health Check (1)

Who will benefit from taking The BOSS Health Check

  • Business Owners who are interested in growing their business most efficiently
  • Those who feel overwhelmed by their business, but they’re unsure where to begin to improve things
  • People who want a very simple but effective way to measure their business growth over time
  • Start-ups who want to ensure they set up their business well from the beginning

What you’ll get with a BOSS Health Check

In-depth analysis of your business

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Video Modules to help you prioritise

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A personalised PDF Report/Workbook

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After taking the test, you will be provided a personalised PDF report.

The BOSS Report is a helpful mix of Test results, suggested key actions/strategies, and workbook space to help you plan your systems improvements.

The BOSS Report Sample (1)

Your BOSS Report will show how you’re doing in the 8 most important areas of your business

The 8 Fundamentals of Business (1)

The 8 areas it measures are:

  • You and how productive you are
  • Your Business Plan
  • All your Money Stuff
  • Your Operational Systems & Processes
  • Your Team
  • How you come across (aka your Brand)
  • How well you sell things
  • What your customers think

Each of your Systems is reviewed and assigned a colour-coded level…

The BOSS Test mock up just results

What are the Levels?

The business levels used are based on the first 5 levels of Roger Hamilton’s Wealth dynamics:

The framework measures and assigns the performance of business systems according to the following criteria.

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GREEN Level – You have great systems which are optimal for the size of the business, are being used strategically and are reviewed regularly

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YELLOW Level – Your systems are good and are being used consistently. But, there is a key component missing, for example: regular reviews, strategy etc.

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ORANGE Level – Your systems exist but are used inconsistently, may be insufficient, or may be labour intensive/limited in scalability

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RED Level – Your systems are insufficient for your business

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INFRARED Level – You don’t have any systems in this area

Why it Works

✔ It shows you the areas of your business that will hold you back from growing

✔ It provides a clear strategy for how you can work more efficiently in your business

✔ It avoids wasting time and money implementing systems that haven’t been well thought out, aren’t strategic and don’t integrate with each other

✔ It gives you clear action steps to take for each of the 30 different systems areas

✔ It allows you to track your progress well over time

Love for The BOSS Test…

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Kat Sullivan re BOSS Test 2
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I would highly recommend The BOSS Test

The Helpful Brand has a fantastic BOSS Test with a very clear and helpful report which shows you exactly where you need to focus your time and energy to improve your business from a system and process perspective. I would highly recommend The BOSS Test if you want to leverage your business in the next 12 months. I’m looking forward to using it with my clients too.”

Gaelene Adams Wood  |  High Performance Team Renovator  |  Team Fusion International

Client testimonial photos-01

Already seeing great results

I took The BOSS Test in early 2018. I got so much out of it. I went into it already knowing that there were areas of my business that were good, and areas that needed work. The BOSS Test helped me visualise these and highlighted the priorities for me really clearly. I’m now implementing all of the tools and strategies that were recommended and I am already seeing great results. I’m now going to recommend The BOSS Test to all my clients, as it’s such a valuable tool.” 

Natalie Rowney  |  Founder  |  Virtual Assist

Sally Harris

Wonderful service, I would highly recommend

The BOSS Test was so simple to take. As the Operations Manager of the business rather than the business owner, it made me think about areas of the business I might not focus on normally. I really liked the end report, full of useful pointers to getting the business compliant. Wonderful service, I would highly recommend!”” 

Sally Harris  |  Business Manager  |  Freedom Mobility


Great way to take the 'pulse' of your business

The BOSS test is a great way to take the ‘pulse’ of how your business is doing, and to help you to focus your energies on the areas with highest priorities. It was helpful to get an overview of everything, and to get some pointers for the future. I’d recommend the BOSS test to other business owners who want some insightful direction to support their future growth.

Mary Crampton |  Founder  |  Magnify Consulting

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