3 Leading Ways to Boost your Sales and Hear more Cha-ching!

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3 Leading Ways to Increase Your Sales _ The Helpful Brand

This week, I’ve noticed more than ever a trend in the questions being asked within the groups I’m in… They’ve varied in how they’ve been posed, but really, they’ve all boiled down to one question:

“How can I get more people buying my product/service?!”

Which is a great question right? And it’s one that I believe we all, as entrepreneurs and business owners, should be asking ourselves regularly.

Here are my top 3 methods of how to turn your browsers into buyers:

Identify where the blocks in your sales plumbing really lie

I cannot stress enough how important this is! There are so so many reasons that buyers might not be buying from you and you need to know why exactly, not spend time speculating.

There are three main ways to do this, (and spoiler alert: I suggest you do all of them):

Look at your metrics and use this to work out where the system is breaking down

website-sales-the-helpful-brandStart with your website:

How many hits are you getting on your website?
If the answer is stuff all, then you have a traffic problem. Working on solving that traffic problem will improve your sales.
If the answer is a lot, but no one is buying, then you have a conversion problem. Working on solving why browsers are not converting will improve your sales.

Where are people dropping off in the buying process?:
If you have your website set up with Google analytics, you can see where people drop off. There are clues here.

social-media-sales-the-helpful-brandThen look at your Social Media:

How many people are seeing your posts?
If no one is seeing them, then you have an audience reach problem. Solving that will improve your sales.

What are your engagement and click-through rates like?
If the answer is, pretty low, then perhaps you are posting content which is not relevant or engaging to your audience. Solving that will improve your sales.

Look at your open rates and click through rates of your email newsletters:

How many people are opening them?
If no one is opening your newsletters then maybe you’ve got a boring subject line, or they have been traditionally long and off topic. What can you do to make these really valuable to your audience so that they want to open them each and every time?

Maybe you’re not actually giving a strong enough call to action to click through to your website and buy?

Improving all of these metrics will likely improve your sales.

Ask people.

ask-people-to-get-sales-the-helpful-brandAnd by asking them I don’t mean sending them a survey. Let’s be frank, no one has time for a survey, but just as importantly it’s also not going to tell you what you need to hear, because people will censor what they answer. Instead, I suggest good old-fashioned talking to people.

Start with people who have bought from you:
Why did they choose you/your product?
What did they like about it?
Are there any ways they suggest you improve it or the process of buying it?

Then try asking people in your target audience who haven’t purchased from you:
What are they looking for to make a purchase?


The most important thing you need to get by the end of this is clear on what their problem is, and how can you meet their needs by solving that problem in the most effective way.

Check your content

relevant-social-media-content-leads-to-salesThe saying goes “content is King” for a reason.

Are you posting content which is of high value to your audience?
Is it calling them to action?

Or, are you posting fluff/filler content which is doing nothing except for filling their feeds and keeping them scrolling?

I’ve seen a few examples recently of Facebook pages or websites where I didn’t even know what they did from scrolling through them. If that is the case with yours, then that’s a problem. Your social media platforms, or website, should indicate what you do and the problem you solve, immediately upon landing. If it doesn’t, it’s not doing its job of telling customers what you do and getting them to buy very well.

Your online channels should also call them immediately to an action and provide a very streamlined, easy path for customers to make purchases. If it’s too hard or cumbersome, the reality is that they’ll abandon their purchase.

As you can see, there are so many ways your sales plumbing could be blocked. Sometimes it can take an outside eye to help you address where the problem lies. If you’d like us to help you review your sales process in any of the ways above, book a free chat and we’d be happy to help!

Check your service and customer pathway

Is buying from you a really nice experience for your customers?
Have you taken time to work out how you can create moments of connection through the process – for example following up after the sale and seeing how they are enjoying their purchase?

Making an unbeatable customer experience is so crucial in helping you stand out from the competition. You’re more likely to experience word-of-mouth marketing, and repeat purchasing, both of which will improve your sales.

Give an incentive to purchase again

Once a customer has made a purchase from you, they are far more likely to purchase from you again than a new customer. So, marketing to existing customers will cost you a lot less compared to marketing to new customers.

incentive-to-buy-to-make-a-sale-the-helpful-brandCheck yourself:

Are you doing your best to resell or upsell to your customers?

Do you offer any incentives to purchase from you again?

Are you communicating with your previous customers about your products and offers via email?

Do you retarget them on Facebook with Facebook ads?

Have you offered any VIP or subscriber-only offers to form a pre-launch of any new product/service?

Do you offer them a discount at cart if they purchase an additional item?
Or a discount if they provide a review/testimonial?

These are but a few ways that you can really maximise sales to existing customers and improve your overall sales.

Did you notice a trend with any of these leading ways?

Well, most of them talk about systems – your sales and customer experience systems to be exact. We know that it can be a lot to deal with on your own, especially if you’re already feeling overwhelmed by everything you’re already dealing with.

Kat Soper - The Helpful Academy

About the author:

Kat Soper is the Founder and Head Trainer of The Helpful Academy Online Business School.

Kat is passionate about helping start-ups and small businesses succeed and achieve their business goals so that they can achieve the lifestyle they desire (and deserve).

If you’d like individualised help with growing your business, check out our services.


  • Hey Kat, do you recommend the ‘tripwire’ approach – selling people something small so that they’re more favourable to buying from you in future?

    • Hi Peti.
      Yes, I believe the ‘tripwire’ approach is well worth establishing. There are some great plugins available for WordPress which really help streamline this process if that’s your platform. Otherwise, platforms such as Clickfunnels are worth investigating.

  • Some great tips in here Kat! Particular love the focus on tracking the analytics – keeping focused on the numbers really helps and when you know what’s actually happening, it’s much more empowering because you know where to start making changes. Great post.

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