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Our affiliate program is application only. Below you will find information regarding how our program works, and our affiliate terms of service

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Apply to our affiliate program by clicking the apply button and using the form provided


Your application will be reviewed within 7 days and we’ll notify you of your new affiliate account

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Share your new affiliate links with your contacts by email, website or social media

The Helpful Academy Online Courses


Enjoy 15% of every course sale or $100 for every coaching program sold through your links

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How much commission do you pay?

  • We pay 15% across all of our online courses
  • We pay $100 per referral to our online coaching programs
  • What is the process for becoming an affiliate?

    • Once we've accepted your affiliate application, we'll create you an affiliate account in Thrive Cart which we use as our shopping cart system. You will get 1 email with your login details - keep this in a safe place.

      Then, if you've been signed up to be an affiliate on ALL products, you will be emailed a separate email for every single product (which is a lot). Unfortunately we can not control these individual notifications and you can delete all of these.

      You will receive a new email every time we release a new course/product that you are allowed to share to let you know that there has been a new release that your followers may be interested in.

    How do I apply?

    Simply fill out this form. We'll review your details and get back to you if you're successful.

    How long does it take to be approved?

    Usually we review your application and set up your account very quickly. However, this can take up to 7 days.

    How do I share my affiliate link?

    • Step 1: To share your affiliate link you need to login to your new Thrive Cart affiliate account.
    • Step 2: Choose the product you'd like to share
    • Step 3: Copy the affiliate URL given
    • Step 4: Share the link with your friends/followers

    How will I know I've made a sale on my affiliate account?

    If someone purchases a course using your affiliate link you will be immediately notified via email of the transaction and the amount of commission owing. You can login to your affiliate portal at anytime to see how much commission you have owing and the status of your payouts.

    How, and how often, will the commission get paid to me?

  • We pay affiliate commissions once per month in the first week of the month, for any sales made in the months prior which are outside of their refund period. This can either be paid to you by direct deposit (within New Zealand), or to a PayPal account of your choice.
  • Is the affiliate commission a one-off or do I also get commission on future purchases?

    • Once a student has been assigned to your affiliate profile, you get 15% of any future online courses or success clubs they buy + $100 if they sign up to a coaching program. 
    • As 75% of our students will return to buy at LEAST one more course (average course ownership would be at least 5-6 courses), this can be quite lucrative for you

    What types of people should apply to be an affiliate?

    Our customers are small businesses. If you have an audience or large network of people who you think would benefit from our courses, or programs, then chances are you'd be a great fit!

    Are there any rules around how often I have to promote?

  • No. There are no rules around how the minimum frequency that you promote. Even if you want to just supply our links to your clients or friends that's totally ok by us.
  • However, our reputation is very important to us. When marketing our business we ask that you are not spammy or disrespectful in the frequency you are telling people about our products.
  • We reserve the right to terminate affiliate accounts effective immediately who we believe are acting in a spammy way.
  • Important terms and conditions you'll need to agree to

    By giving out your affiliate link, you are agreeing to these terms and conditions.

    Brand Guidelines

    When sharing or advertising The Helpful Academy Courses, Tests, or Products, you must write the names of them exactly as we do. This is important for the brand, but especially important for courses that teach applications or programs which are trademarked. For example Wordpress or Facebook. So, when referring to FB Ads Success, the title must be written exactly correct, and the word Facebook must not be used in full.

    Please only use images provided by The Helpful Academy. If you would like to create additional artwork for your site, this must be approved by a Helpful Academy administrator before use.

    Affiliate Commission FAQs

    This is a first-referral affiliate program. This means that whoever referred the lead with their link first will receive the commission.

    Affiliate links are valid for 365 days. After this time, if your lead has not purchased, it is recommended that you get them to purchase through your affiliate link again so that your commission is captured.

    Affiliate commission is paid out at the rate of 15%, unless otherwise specified for a particular product.

    Affiliate commission will be paid out in the first week of every month, following the expiry of any refund period.

    It is recommended that you use bitly or another service to make your links look prettier, before giving them out.

    You must not bribe or pay people to use your affiliate link. You may offer a bonus, but this must not exceed the value of your affiliate commission.

    If you are advertising the link in a blog post, please use the etiquette of letting people know you may earn a small commission if they use your link to purchase.

    Where to refer questions?

    At any time, if you have any enquiries about your affiliate account, please email us at

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