6 Easy Steps to Creating a Video Training Centre (FOR FREE!)

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6 Easy Steps to Creating a Video Training Manual

One area that I know busy entrepreneurs and small business owners can really struggle with, is getting things out of their head to effectively delegate them to others.

But, in order to grow, delegating tasks is not optional – it’s essential.
So, today I wanted to share 6 easy steps that for my system for doing team training.
You can use this system to easily create video training and checklists, as you go, so that you can successfully delegate more of the stuff you don’t want to do, and focus on more of what you DO want to do (without it adding a ton of extra work to your already bulging plate).

STEP 1: Download and install the Loom chrome extension

This is the tool you are going to use to record how to do the process or thing that you want to demonstrate how to do.

Download it here.

PS: If you want more information, including a walk-through of Loom, check out this video (one of my app of the week videos from a few months ago.)

STEP 2: Setup an Operations Manual Board in Trello

This is the tool, or platform, that you are going to use to “house” or “store” the training. I suggest this tool because
a) it’s free and
b) it’s really quick to setup and easy to use
c) it’s so versatile and
d) it’s really easy to control the permissions of who can see certain boards

For this video I’ve made the assumption that you know how to use the free Project Management tool TrelloIf you’re unfamiliar with Trello, check out this video first which will give you a walkthrough and help you understand the main Trello terminology.

Create your free Trello Account here.

If you’d like to take your Trello training another step further, I also have a really affordable Trello Masterclass available here.

STEP 3: Setup any additional resources you need

These can include information sheets, quick links, access instructions etc. I find that the best way to create this is using online programs such as Google Docs or Google Sheets rather than Word documents or Excel Sheets. That’s because it’s easier to share a link to them in Trello, for the person to click through to access.

STEP 4: Create Your Checklist in Trello

Remember – this step you really want to do as you are doing the process, so that you can ensure you are thorough and don’t miss anything.

STEP 5: Video the processes using Loom

Once you’re clear in the checklist, next time you want to video yourself doing the task.

TIP: Don’t video it at the same time as you create the checklist or it will take too long – it’s best to video the process next time and use your checklist as a guide.

TIP 2: It’s better for the user if you to do lots of short videos (one for each main step) than one big long lengthy video. It makes it easier for them to digest and learn, not to mention rewatch.
> But, most importantly, if something in the process changes, it means you only need to replace one part of the training, not redo the one big training video!!!

STEP 6: Attach everything to Trello

Congratulations – at this point in the process you are nearly there. You just need to ensure that everything is attached to Trello and easy to follow.

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Kat Soper - The Helpful Academy

About the author:

Kat Soper is the Founder and Head Trainer of The Helpful Academy Online Business School.

Kat is passionate about helping start-ups and small businesses succeed and achieve their business goals so that they can achieve the lifestyle they desire (and deserve).

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