5 Steps to Checking you have Smart Systems In Your Business

5 Steps to checking you have SMART Systems in your Business.

What are SMART Systems?

SMART Systems are:


Check out this blog post for the full explanation of SMART Systems.


Why is it essential to have SMART systems?

At The Helpful Academy, everything we do is designed around achieving top business performance. For the majority of businesses, this means a business that is growing. SMART business systems are designed to save you time, money and help you grow your business.


What are the 5 steps to checking you have SMART Systems?

  1. Reconnect
  2. Review
  3. Identify
  4. Create
  5. Schedule

Let’s discuss each in detail.


Step 1Reconnect with your why

Why are you in business? What are you wanting to achieve in your business? Without knowing the answers to these questions first, it’s difficult to assess areas for improvement in order to level-up.


Step 2Review your existing systems

What systems are you currently using for each of the 8 Business Fundamentals: Business Owner, Plan & Goals, Finances, Systems & Processes, Team, Brand, Sales & Marketing, and Customer Experience?

Most importantly – are they SMART?


Step 3Identify areas for improvements

What key fundamentals need to be implemented or improved? Which areas are causing more stress than necessary? Are you clear on your ideal scenario? What new systems (if any) can you source and implement?


Step 4Create an action/roll-out plan

What steps need to happen to improve the current systems or implement the new systems? Who do you need to communicate these steps to and train in the new systems?


Step 5Schedule the actions

Once you have created the plan, it needs to be put in action. It sounds straightforward. However, many a plan has been held back until it’s perfect or has sat collecting dust and not implemented at all. Don’t fall victim to this. Schedule the tasks in your calendar and get them done.


Trying to think of your business on this global level can be an overwhelming prospect for many. Particularly when you’re right in the fire pit – cranking and feeling overwhelmed.

We’ve put together a helpful workbook to walk you through these 5 steps and help you on the path to creating SMART systems in your business.

Download your free copy today:

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Kat is a Trainer, Systems Strategist, and Business Coach. She owns The Helpful Brand - a group of Business Services and Training businesses. Kat's particularly passionate about helping people achieve their goals through SMART systems and processes.

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