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Growing a business can feel lonely, overwhelming (and expensive!).

There are so many moving parts affecting your profitability and sales. So, it often feels hard like you need an MBA just to figure out what’s not working.

But, what small business owner has a spare $40,000 and years to dedicate to an MBA, when all you want is to start experiencing results today?!

How would you like to improve your profitability in the next 30 days,
Or, sales within the next few days?

The good news is that with our helpful training and resources that is easier than you might think.

Introducing your new co-pilot: The Helpful Academy

Making your income dreams a reality with us is as easy as 1, 2, 3:

Diagnose why you’re not achieving the profit or sales you want/need with our signature In-Flight Profit Detector®.

Grab it for only $37 NZD for a limited time

Choose one or more of our affordable templates, courses or coaching services, according to your budget, to help you fix any inefficiencies.

Our Templates start at $17
Courses start at $47

and 1:1 Services Start at $300

The Helpful Academy Online Courses

Follow your personalised plan, and confidently fly further, faster

Kat Soper Nailed It

Frustrated with your business results?

Usually when a business’s results are not meeting their expectations (or needs), they either have a foundational profitability problem or a sales problem.

Find out which of the five most common culprits affects your business, and learn how to fix it with this free article

What makes The Helpful Academy different from other business coaches and training companies is our signature In-Flight Profitability Framework®

Our online training, templates and calculators allow you to get results faster, and reduce the required investment of working with a  coach - #WinningCombination!!!

Here's our unique way of helping you:

STEP 1. We help you detect the untapped potential in your business

Frustrated with your business results?

There are five common culprits behind why small businesses aren’t making as much profit as they desire. With the help of our affordable In-Flight Profit Detector®, we can help you figure out which of the problems affects your business in minutes. 

After completing the multiple-choice survey, you'll receive instant-access to a colour-coded personalised In-Flight Profit Plan®.

Grab it for only $37 NZD or $20 USD for a limited time...

STEP 2. Once you've detected the problem, by using our In-Flight Profit Detector® or own process:

Our easy-to-follow Frameworks become like a GPS, helping you take the shortest flight to your dream destination.

We have 3 signature Frameworks to help you grow your profitability or sales more effortlessly:

Our 6 Step In-Flight Profit Framework®

This is the foundation for everything we do in our Academy. All our other training is designed to help you save time and overwhelm implementing one of these 6 steps. 

Download our business growth guide:
'6 Steps For Taking Flight In Your Business'

Our 5 Step Profit Formula

If the In-Flight Profit Detector® reveals you have a foundational profitability problem, the 5 Step Profit Formula is designed to help you improve your profitability within 30 days. 

Take our Free Profit Class to learn how.

Our ‘Sell Without Selling System’

If the In-Flight Profit Detector® reveals you're ready to scale your sales results, this is the system for you... Many clients told us they improved their sales in as little as 24 hours implementing this system.

Learn how with our Free Art of Selling Without Selling Class

Ready to take flight?

Discover the untapped potential in your business with the In-Flight Profit Detector®. 

Then follow your personalised Flight Plan, with the aid of our helpful resources, to take flight to your dream destination.

Browse our helpful resources:


Follow our step-by-step courses to complete a single project faster... Our quick to finish courses start from $27 USD or $47 NZD!


Get up and running within a few minutes with our helpful templates. Templates start from only $7 USD or $17 NZD!


Know you thrive with more personalised support? Choose one of our affordable business coaching and implementation services... 1:1 Services Start from $300 NZD


I'm Kat

I’ve been in your shoes, and know how lonely, overwhelming (and expensive!) it can be to learn how to grow a profitable small business. Especially if numbers and tech don't come naturally to you...

I started The Helpful Academy back in 2015 because it's the resource I wish I had when I first started:
Somewhere to make it simple to learn, without having to enrol in a $40,000 MBA! So that my business could fly further, faster.

Fast forward a few years and with the help of other industry experts, we've now launched over 40 business courses and helped over 1000 businesses grow their businesses more effortlessly.

I look forward to sharing what I know to help you and your business profitability FLY!

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Join over 1,000 other small businesses who've found our resources helpful:

Between 2015 and when these screen shots were taken in June 2023, we've only ever received 5 star reviews from our students and clients on both Facebook and Google. I don't think many businesses could boast achieving this after being in business for 8 years (and who knows how long it will last for now that I've drawn attention to it because = #InternetTrolls)

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Overwhelmed by choice?

Don't worry, we've got you!
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